Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities available in Oglesby Union

Employment with the Oglesby Union at Florida State University is an opportunity that is sure to be a highlight of your collegiate experience. Students are employed in a wide variety of positions at the Oglesby Union Complex, Student Activities Center, Askew Student Life Center, Student Services Building, and FSU Flying High Circus. As an employee of the Union, you will be provided with opportunities for developing effective work habits, improved leadership skills, higher academic achievement, and a broader knowledge of programs and resources available to students of the University.

The Oglesby Union is one of the largest employers of students at Florida State University, employing close to 300 students in the areas mentioned above. As a student employee, you are a valued member of our Oglesby Union team. We could not operate if it were not for the time and energy that our student employees put into their work, particularly in serving as “front line” staff, interacting with our customers on a daily basis.

The Oglesby Union hires FSU students in April, July, and November of every year to serve in a number of support roles. Typically our student employees have previously had volunteer hours completed with one of the Oglesby Union departments (Circus, Student Activities Center, Student Life Center, Guest Services, Art Center, Crenshaw Lanes, Union Productions, etc.).

Volunteer Opportunities Available in Oglesby Union

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Union department you would like to volunteer with (See list here)

Sample Position Descriptions

The following document has been developed to assist prospective student employees in reviewing job opportunities that are typically available within the Oglesby Union. As vacancies vary from department to department, this list does not signify a comprehensive overview nor do these descriptions replace openings listed officially through the Office of Human Resources.

Professional positions are posted on

Link to Sample Position Descriptions file

Information for Possible Future Student Employment

The Oglesby Union seeks dedicated and enthusiastic students who want to be part of a dynamic team who are committed to serving students, faculty, staff and visitors to Florida State University. The Oglesby Union encourages students to volunteer in the department they are interested in before seeking employment.

If you are interested in possible future student employment in the Oglesby Union, please complete the form below. All forms will be forwarded to the respective department. It is the discretion of each Union department to contact you.

Please note that completing this form does not bypass the hiring processes set forth by the Office of Human Resources. Any students interested in viewing official vacancies and applying for such positions should visit

Oglesby Union Information for Possible Future Student Employment Form

Graduate Opportunities in Oglesby Union

For more information on graduate assistantships or internship opportunities available within the Oglesby Union, please visit: