Current Oglesby Gallery Exhibit: “Club Downunder: A Visual History”

“Club Downunder: A Visual History”

club downunder: a visual history. curated by carlo cavaluzzi | in the oglesby gallery oct 7-30

Club Downunder: A Visual History.
Curated by Carlo Cavaluzzi.
In the Oglesby Gallery October 7 – 30
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Curated by Carlo Cavaluzzi

The Club Downunder Art Show will be open from October 7th to October 30th.

FSU Union Production presents the past performances from Club Down Under! This diverse art exhibition will display the creativity of a collection of photography, concert art posters, and video production by various artists and graphic designers spanning over two decades.

For further information or questions, please feel free to call us at 850-644-4737.

The Oglesby Gallery is located on the second floor of the FSU Union in Krentzman Lounge.

Hours are as follows:

  • M-F: 8am-10pm
  • Sa-Su: 12 noon to 10pm

Oglesby Gallery Exhibit: The Year in Rearview

Democrat Cartoonist Looks Back on First Year

Exhibit Information

The Year in Rearview
Editorial Cartoons by Nathan Archer from the Tallahassee Democrat
Exhibition is open from May 1–May 19, 2017
Opening Reception Wednesday, May 3, 6–8 p.m.
Oglesby Gallery75 N Woodward Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32306
M–F: 8 a.m.–10 p.m., Sa–Su: 12 noon–10 p.m.

Goose attacks, wild bears, and Trump in Tallahassee. Local life gets animated when editorial cartoonist Nathan Archer puts pen to paper.

Archer, who has been freelancing for the Tallahassee Democrat since 2016, will be displaying his favorite freshman year ‘toons this May in the Oglesby Gallery, located on the campus of Florida State University.

The exhibit, “The Year in Rearview,” showcases recent local, state, and national stories through Archer’s humorous lens while an interactive exhibition component encourages attendees to read the source articles that inspired each drawing.

“In times like these, free speech is more important than ever,” Archer states. “I got into editorial cartooning to try and exercise my rights a little bit more. Hopefully this show will encourage others learn about what’s happening in their community and do the same.”

It’s a passion for First Amendment rights that sparked the exhibition in the first place. “It’s no coincidence I’ll be hosting my opening reception on May 3, which also happens to be World Press Day, a day that celebrates the freedom of the press. I thought there’d be no better time to showcase editorial cartoons, which have been playing an important role in journalism since the 1700s.”

This free exhibition will be on display until May 19. For more information, visit

Oglesby Gallery Exhibit: Phocus Photography Club presents The Art of Life

The Art Exhibition will begin April 1st – 21st, Monday-Friday 8am-11pm & Sat/Sun from 12noon-11pm.

Opening Reception: Saturday April 1st 6pm-8pm.

This diverse introspective group art exhibition in contemporary photography displaying the various forms of images. Each experimental method is dependent upon the artist, who reflects what each individual sees through the lens.

Phocus Photography Club presents The Art of Life at the Oglesby Union Gallery; April 1-21, Monday-Friday 8AM - 11 PM; Opening Reception: Saturday, April 1, 6 - 8PM

Our Bodies. Our Lives. Art Show

The Oglesby Gallery opens the Our Bodies. Our Lives. Art Show. The art exhibition will be in the Gallery from March 1 to March 31. There will be a panel discussion on Friday, March 22. The doors will open at 7pm and the discussion will begin at 7:15pm. Come and see these amazing art any time in-between!