• Students in Union


Reservable Space Student Groups* Non University
Conference Rooms (Capacity up to 25) $10.00 $250.00
Meeting Rooms (Capacity 25-50) $15.00 $300.00
Moore Auditorium
Temporarily unavailable during the construction of the New Union
$35.00 $575.00
203 Student Services (Capacity 250) $50.00 $750.00
Student Services Building Meeting Rooms (Capacity 80) $30.00 $350.00

*There is no charge for the use of reservable space in the FSU Student Union when a university group composed of a majority of FSU students uses the facilities without charging admission or taking donations.

Florida Sales Tax is added to the above prices unless payment is made from a state budget or a tax exemption number is given.

Overtime charges will be assessed for the usage of any space during hours which exceed established normal hours of operation. These events must be approved in advance by Campus Event Services.

Any group responsible for an event which results in excessive clean-up may be charged a non-refundable clean-up fee (per Union Board Policy, Section III, Article II, A. 7).

University groups are charged via the Costing Formula.