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ASLC Programs

Film Committee


The Alternatives Chair and Vice Chair assemble a nominations list for Film Committee of foreign, documentary, and independent films based on compiled information from release size, critical acclaim, audience reaction, and campus demographics. They lead Alternative Film Committee meetings, make announcements at screenings, and place titles for appropriate dates on the schedule. To contact the Alternatives Chair, please reach out to: SLCAlternative@admin.fsu.edu


Alternatives Chair
Majors: Animation and Digital Arts
Favorite Films: The Muppet Movie, Amadeus, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, It’s Such a Beautiful Day, Synedoche New York, Paddington 2, The Florida Project, Orpheus, Camera Person, Evil Dead 2
Favorite Video Games: Ducktales (NES), Super Metroid, Kirby Super Star, Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario Galaxy, Epic Mickey, Pikmin 3, Shovel Knight, Cuphead and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: The Berry Jenkins or The Time Warp


Vice Alternatives Chair
Major: Creative Writing
Favorite Films: All About Eve, Boogie Nights, The Royal Tenenbaums
Favorite Video Games: Animal Crossing
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Faster, Pussycat


The Blockbusters Chair and Vice Chair compile nomination lists based on box office size, critical acclaim, audience reaction, and campus demographics. They lead Blockbuster Film Committee meetings, make announcements at screenings, and place titles for appropriate dates on the schedule. To contact the Blockbusters Chair, please reach out to: SLCBlockbuster@admin.fsu.edu


Blockbusters Chair
Major: Public Relations
Favorite Films: Call Me By Your Name, Good Boys, Transformers (2007)
Favorite Video Game: Mario Kart
Favorite Grindhouse Drinks:Lemonade


Blockbusters Vice Chair
Major: Finance
Favorite Films: Ratatouille
Favorite Video Games: FIFA 17
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Hangover


The Classics Chair and Vice Chair create nomination lists of classic films for both theaters based on research of cinema history, canonical film lists, and critically-acclaimed titles. They lead Classics Film Committee meetings, makes announcements at screenings, and places titles for appropriate dates on the schedule. To contact the Classics Film Chair, please reach out to: SLCClassics@admin.fsu.edu.


Classics Chair
Major: Psychology and Criminology
Favorite Films: Mary and Max
Favorite Video Games: BioShock Infinite, Animal Crossing, and Nintendogs
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Chai Latte and I'll Have What She's Having


Classics Vice Chair
Major: Literature, Media, and Culture
Favorite Films: The Silence of the Lambs, The Big Lebowski, Alien, The Royal Tenenbaums, Scream
Favorite Video Games: Fallout: New Vegas, The Last of Us, Fallout 3, Portal 2, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: The Hedwig


The Midnights Film Chair and Vice Chair create a nomination list of cult and nostalgia films for both theaters. They lead Midnight Film Committee meetings, make announcements, and place titles on the schedule. They judge our annual Horror Short Film Contest and create the Midnight preshows. To contact the Midnights Chair, please reach out to: SLCMidnight@admin.fsu.edu.


Midnights Chair
Majors: Psychology and Media Communication Studies
Favorite Films: Stardust, The Mummy (1999), Star Trek (2009), and The Fall
Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts II, Bioshock Infinite, and Uncharted 4
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: London Fog and The Darjeeling Limited


Midnights Vice Chair
Major: Actuarial Science and Statistics
Favorite Films: Heathers, American Beauty, Clue
Favorite Video Game: Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem, Danganronpa
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Hedwig


The Co-Sponsorships Chair and Vice Chair serve as the liaison for outside organizations seeking to work with the ASLC. They respond to requests for screenings and events and help groups create and host successful events with the different committees of our building. To contact the Co-Sponsorships Chair, please reach out to: OU-SLC-CoSpon@fsu.edu


Co-Sponsorships Chair
Major: Theatre
Favorite Films: Short Term 12, Big FIsh, Call Me By Your Name
Favorite Video Games: Luigi's Mansion
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Blackberry Soda

Game Committee

Game Committee Leaders lead Game Committee meetings, facilitate discussion about event planning, and assemble game nominations for purchase. They additionally oversee voting applications to approve membership into Game Committee. To contact the Game Committee Chair, please reach out to SLCGaming@admin.fsu.edu.


Game Committee Events Chair
Majors: Geology
Favorite Films: Star Trek, Into the Spider-verse
Favorite Video Games: Dishonored
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: I'll Have What She's Having (Cherry)


Game Committee PR Chair
Majors: Digital Media Production
Favorite Films: Vertigo
Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts and Undertale
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: The Hedwig

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Chair and Vice Chair plan, coordinate, and manage special events for the students that come to the ASLC. These events may be film related like our annual fall showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or unrelated to films like our monthly Open Mic Nights. They also lead Special Events Committee meetings in which students brainstorm and vote on the events for upcoming ASLC schedules. To contact the Special Events Chair, please reach out to: SLCEvents@admin.fsu.edu


Special Events Chair
Major: Studio Art
Favorite Films: Psycho, G.B.F, and I, Tonya
Favorite Video Games: Tetris 99
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Iced Latte


Vice Special Events Chair
Major: Retail Entrepreneurship
Favorite Films: Slumdog Millionaire, Dirty Dancing, Ocean's 11
Favorite Games: Super Mario Bros, Just Dance
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Dirty Chai Latte

ASLC Promotions


The Advertising Chair and Vice Chair lead Advertising Committee meetings and devise effective means of advertising for the ASLC. They supervise a team of graphic designers, providing constructive feedback. They coordinate the creation of promotional items for all sub-committees, including posters, schedules, web banners, and social media graphics. To contact the Advertising Committee chair, please reach out at: SLCPR@admin.fsu.edu.


Advertising Director
Major: Communications and Studio Art
Favorite Films: Arrival, Her, Your Name, Blade Runner, Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse, The Conjuring 2, Hereditary, anything Sci-Fi or Horror
Favorite Video Games: Anything by Quantic Dream, Smash, Mario Kart
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Tea


Advertising Coordinator
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Favorite Films: Good Will Hunting
Favorite Video Games: Pokemon Ruby
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Frozen Hot Chocolate


The Content Coordinator and Junior Coordinator oversee the creation and distribution of the ASLC Zine, Skewed, and coordinate podcast recordings and Spotify playlists for individual movies and events.


Content Coordinator
Major: Humanities
Favorite Films: Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse, The Departed, Good Will Hunting
Favorite Video Games: Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Smash Brothers Series, Pokémon Series, most RPG's and FPS's
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Coffee or The Departed


Content Junior Coordinator
Major: Public Relations & Sport Management
Favorite Films: National Treasure, High School Musical 2
Favorite Video Games: Wii Sports
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Caramel Iced Latte

Social Media


Senior Social Media Coordinator
Major: Digital Media Production
Favorite Films: Sorry to Bother You
Favorite Video Games: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: I'll Have What She's Having


Junior Social Media Coordinator
Major: Media Communication Studies
Favorite Films: A24 Movies
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Vanilla Latte

Video Production

The Video Production Chair and Vice Chair coordinate ASLC video promotions for the theater, gaming, and our social media channels. They delegate directorial, writing, filming, and acting assignments to the members of Video Production Team. Check out some of their work on their YouTube page. To contact the Video Production Chair, please reach out at SLCMedia@fsu.edu.


Video Production Chair
Major: Music Composition/Commercial Music
Favorite Films: No Country For Old Men, The Revenant
Favorite Video Games: Tetris, Super Smash Brothers
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Strawberry/Mango Mix Smoothie


Video Production Vice Chair
Major: NFA Digital Media Production, International Relations
Favorite Films: Eighth Grade, The Room and Back to the Future Movies
Favorite Video Games: Mario Kart
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Chai Latte

ASLC Internal


On nights where the SLC is showing a movie, the Theater Manager manages concessions workers, Grindhouse baristas, a projectionist, and the box office. The Theater Manager is responsible for maintaining the theater during showings and reporting updates on the theater to the ASLC Program Manager.


Lead Projectionist
Major: Digital Media Production
Favorite Films: The Big Lebowski, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Four Rooms
Favorite Video Games: The Sims
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Oh Chai'mark



Theater Manager
Major: Criminal Justice & Political Science
Favorite Films: The Incredibles 1 & 2, Toy Story 4
Favorite Video Games: Lego Star Wars
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Iced Dirty Chai Latte


Building Manager
Major: Media Communication Studies
Favorite Films: How to Train Your Dragon series
Favorite Video Games: The Legend of Zelda series
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: The Hedwig


Building Manager
Major: Statistics
Favorite Films: Whiplash, Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders
Favorite Video Games: Tetris 2, Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Strawberry Sensation with Milk


Theater Manager
Major: Actuarial Science and Finance
Favorite Films: No Country for Old Men
Favorite Video Games: Space Invaders
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Milk


Theater & Café Manager
Major: Economics & Political Science
Favorite Films: Kill Bill, Hercules, Lord of the Rings
Favorite Video Games: Mass Effect, Dragon Age (RPG's)
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: The Departed


The Membership Committee Chair and Vice Chair are responsible for attendance at Film Committee meetings, coordinating volunteers, and facilitating co-sponsorships. They explain the voting process to all new members. They also organize social events, both on and off campus for both Film Committee and the ASLC as a whole. They establish volunteer etiquette, organize the annual Leadership Transition Day in April and overnight retreat in August, and accept new members to the Facebook group page. To contact the Membership Committee chair, please reach out to: SLCMembership@admin.fsu.edu.


Film Committee Membership Chair
Major: International Affairs
Favorite Films: Searching, Train to Busan, Blackfish
Favorite Video Games: Last of Us and Undertale
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Hot Chocolate


Game Committee Membership Chair
Major: Business Management
Favorite Films: Baby Driver, Old Boy, Love Actually
Favorite Video Games: Slay the Spire, Arkham City, Civ 5
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: Winter is Coming

Research & Development

The Research Chair and Vice Chair direct a committee of students to research factors relating to the building, such as attendance, awareness, and activity.


Research Committee Vice Chair
Major: Marketing and Communication/Media Studies
Favorite Films: Arrival, Interstellar, Wolf of Wall Street, Meet the Robinsons, Hereditary
Favorite Video Games: Just Dance
Favorite Grindhouse Drink: I'll Have What She's Having!


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