Greek Awards

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life welcomes you to the Greek Awards page. We believe our community continues to excel in the areas of Academics, Leadership, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, and Service. It is our hope that the Greek Awards programs continues to celebrate individual chapter members and Greek organizations for their yearly accomplishments.

Greek Awards 2017

Jon C. Dalton Stewart Beshears (Pi Kappa Phi)
Mary B Coburn Faculty/Staff Miguel Hernandez
New Member of the Year – IFC Omar Pimentel (Pi Kappa Alpha)
New Member of the Year – MGC Daralene Arocho (Lambda Theta Alpha)
New Member of the Year – NPHC Briona Goodman (Delta Sigma Theta)
New Member of the Year – PH Nicole Blonsick (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Man/Woman of the Year – IFC Parker Eastland (Theta Chi)
Man/Woman of the Year – MGC Yordan Urutia (Sigma Lambda Beta), Roxana De La Luz (Lambda Theta Alpha)
Man/Woman of the Year – NPHC Chris Cyrille (Phi Beta Sigma), Viesha Andrews (Delta Sigma Theta)
Man/Woman of the Year – PH Valerie Shallow (Chi Omega)
Chapter President – IFC Dana Keller (Pi Kappa Phi)
Chapter President – MGC Tatiana Mappe (Lambda Theta Alpha)
Chapter President – NPHC Chris Cyrille (Phi Beta Sigma)
Chapter President – PH Sam Score (Zeta Tau Alpha)
Chapter Advisor – IFC Brad Brock (Beta Theta Pi)
Chapter Advisor – MGC Amy Jones (Sigma Iota Alpha)
Chapter Advisor – NPHC Tia Mitchell (Delta Sigma Theta)
Chapter Advisor – PH Kelly Warren (Chi Omega), Becky Brinson (Alpha Phi)
Academic Excellence – IFC Pi Kappa Phi
Academic Excellence – MGC Theta Nu Xi
Academic Excellence – NPHC Alpha Kappa Alpha
Academic Excellence – PH Chi Omega
Leadership – IFC Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Tau
Leadership – MGC Theta Nu Xi
Leadership – NPHC Delta Sigma Theta
Leadership – PH Chi Omega
Member Ed – IFC Pi Kappa Phi
Member Ed – MGC Sigma Lambda Beta
Member Ed – NPHC Phi Beta Sigma
Member Ed – PH Alpha Delta Pi
Bro/Sis – IFC Phi Kappa Tau
Bro/Sis – MGC Theta Nu Xi
Bro/Sis – NPHC Phi Beta Sigma
Bro/Sis – PH Chi Omega
Rush – IFC Pi Kappa Phi
Intake – MGC Phi Iota Alpha
Intake – NPHC Phi Beta Sigma
Recruitment – PH Chi Omega
Community Service – IFC Pi Kappa Phi
Community Service – MGC Kappa Delta Chi
Community Service – NPHC Phi Beta Sigma
Community Service – PH Chi Omega
Philanthropy – IFC Phi Kappa Tau
Philanthropy – MGC Kappa Delta Chi
Philanthropy – NPHC Alpha Kappa Alpha
Philanthropy – PH Kappa Kappa Gamma, Zeta Tau Alpha
Ritual – IFC Phi Kappa Tau
Ritual – MGC Phi Iota Alpha
Ritual – NPHC Phi Beta Sigma
Ritual – PH Chi Omega
President’s Cup – IFC Phi Kappa Tau
President’s Cup – MGC Theta Nu Xi
President’s Cup – NPHC Phi Beta Sigma
President’s Cup – PH Chi Omega
Hall of Fame Courtney Kantor (Alpha Phi)
Hall of Fame Alex Jones (Kappa Kappa Gamma)
Hall of Fame SJ Fernandez (Lambda Theta Alpha)
Hall of Fame Qaree Dreher (Beta Theta Pi)
Hall of Fame Mary B. Coburn (Alpha Delta P)