Expectations for Community Resource Fair

Event Logistics

  • The Community Resource Fair begins at 11:30am and will end at 1:30pm each day.
  • Set up begins at TBD.
    • Due to the closure of Woodward (see Parking section), we will follow-up well before the first date as to how check-in and set-up will occur.
  • Each business, RSO, and campus department are allocated 1 table and 2 chairs ONLY. Tables are allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  • Due to the event being concentrated on the East Courtyard side, tents are allowed and highly encouraged as it is possible to experience direct exposure to the elements; however, you are limited to one 10×10 tent per table.
  • All organizations and businesses that are here for the Community Resource Fair must remain in the Union East Courtyard area and the designated table ONLY.
    • We are happy to be able to give you the opportunity to promote your organization or service, but keep in mind that these students are here for Orientation and it is the University’s first priority that students and parents are where they need to be on time with no distractions.
  • For registration information, please see your respective tab (Business or RSO/Campus Department) for more information.

Food Permits

  • Food can be given away, but not sold. Florida State University has Food Services contracts, so while food may be given away, specific restaurants cannot be promoted in the process. For example: pizza can be given away, but Dominoes coupons and logos may not be displayed or promoted.
    • If items are not pre-packaged, a food permit must be submitted. To review food safety guidelines and submit a food permit, please visit: http://www.safety.fsu.edu/foodevent.html.
    • Food permits must be completed at least 10 Business Days before your first desired date in order to allow enough time for review and approval. If you will be giving out food, you can submit a Food Permit by CLICKING HERE.
  • Florida State University has an exclusive contract with the Coca Cola Company. Only Coke and Coke products can be displayed on this campus. If you have other brands of soda or water to give away, they need to be poured into unmarked cups or peel off the labels.


  • Unfortunately, “due to multiple campus enhancement projects, Woodward Avenue (between Tennessee St. and the Woodward loop) will be closed to traffic starting May 8 until July 31, 2017. There will be no access to the Woodward Ave. Parking Garage (Garage 1) or the northern entry to the Mendenhall Faculty/Staff Lot while this road is closed. Academic Way between Territory Way and Atomic Way will also be closed May 8 until July 31. Please use alternate routes to avoid the road closures and associated traffic delays. Please use Varsity Dr. and/or Learning Way to access the Mendenhall Lot from the south.”
    • To view the full announcement, CLICK HERE.
    • We are currently having conversations about how unloading and loading will work best as well as parking. We will communicate this plan before the first Community Resource Fair date (May 23rd).


  • Absolutely NO ITEMS may be sold during the Community Resource Fair. Only information may be provided about your organization, business, or service.

Any violations of these expectations may result in your organization or company being asked to leave the event without refund.

We want this to be an enjoyable experience for all involved, so adherence to these policies is imperative to your continued involvement in the Community Resource Fair. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns: (850) 644-6673 or we are located on the 3rd floor of the Union.