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General RSO Resources

RSO Resources

  • Event Planning
    The Student Activities Center offers many resources to RSOs planning events on campus. This site offers those as well as instructions and tips on the event permitting process.
  • Oglesby Union Guest Services
    If your RSO is looking to book space for a meeting or event, then Oglesby Union Guest Services is the place to begin! All reservations can be made online.
  • Student Government Association & Funding
    RSOs can apply for funding through the Student Government Association (SGA). Resources, required trainings, and forms can be found here.
  • Publicizing on Campus
    Check out this website for ideas and policies on promoting your RSO and your events around campus.
  • SOAR Board
    The Student Organization Advisory Resource (SOAR) Board is a group of selected student leaders that represent the Student Activities Center by providing resources and services for RSOs such as new RSO consultations, monthly workshops, President’s Mixers and Market Wednesday.
  • RSO Review Board
    The Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Review Board educates organizations about the responsibilities of having official University recognition, holds organizations accountable for violations of University Policy, and protects the rights of recognized student organizations. It is composed of a combination of selected and appointed student leaders that facilitate this reporting mechanism.
  • Union Board
    The Union Board is a group of elected student representatives that work with the Oglesby Union to create a student-centered space on campus. They are also the contact to apply for office space within the Student Activities Center.

Student Activities Center Privileges

  • Copies: RSOs can receive up to 5,000 free copies a year on our copy machine. You must bring your own paper, and each RSO is assigned a unique copy code. Codes can be obtained from the front desk.
  • Office Resources: The Student Activities Center provides basic office needs such as general use computer stations, fax machine, and campus phones.
  • Mail and Storage: RSOs without space on campus can see our front desk staff to obtain a mailbox within the Student Activities Center and/or a small file cabinet within the office. Additionally, a small storage closet is located outside of the Student Activities Center that can be used in moderation by RSOs. Find out more about the policy for closet use here: Student Activities Center RSO Closet Policy
  • Leaders Listserv: Every RSO president is automatically subscribed to our listserv as part of the recognition process, but anyone is welcome to subscribe to stay informed of important deadlines, events, and other information. RSOs can also post information to the listserv. The listserv is sent every Monday. All posts wishing to be included must be received the Friday prior. No attachments may be included, and due to the formatting, all emails must be in plain text.

    Subscribe or Post RSO information by emailing leaders@lists.fsu.edu. All posts must follow the following format:

    To: Leaders@lists.fsu.edu (Your e-mail must be sent to this web address)

    Subject: Post to Leaders listserv (Your subject of your e-mail should state this exactly, you will have the opportunity to type an actual subject in the body of your e-mail)

    Body of e-mail: Please include the dates you want your message posted (no more than three), the title/subject line of your post, your brief post exactly as you want it to appear (it will not be edited), and contact information.

Policies and Governance

Handbooks and Policies

RSO Expectations

RSOs are afforded privileges and resources at Florida State University, and in exchange are required to adhere to and fulfill the following expectations as a condition of registration.

Student Organizations will:

  • Complete the annual recognition process with the Student Activities Center by submitting all required information, attending training opportunities, and making timely updates to organizations’ information (officers, constitution, etc.) as changes occur.
  • Follow and abide by all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and all policies and procedures of Florida State University, including the FSU Student Code of Conduct (https://dos.fsu.edu/srr/conduct-codes/student-organization-conduct-code) and the RSO Handbook (https://union.fsu.edu/sac/involvement).
  • Remain in good standing with all aspects of Florida State University (Oglesby Union Guest Services, Student Government Association, campus departments, etc.) and conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the university.
  • Adhere to the rules and procedures set forth in the organization constitution, including the non-discrimination and non-hazing requirements for membership.
  • Meet all fiscal obligations incurred by the organization and abide by the Student Government Association Finance Code when applicable.
  • Ensure proper planning and execution of organization events, and consult with the Student Activities Center staff for help with event policies and contract management.
  • Provide adequate training during the officer transition process.
  • Establish consistent communication with the organization Advisor and keep Advisor apprised of organization activities and decisions.
  • Ensure proper use of campus resources, including meeting and event space, office space, and other afforded benefits to the organization.
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