Our Mission

The Office of Student Organizations and Involvement at Florida State University is more than just a place.  Our office serves as a guide for Florida State students in molding and creating their FSU experience.

The Office of Student Organizations and Involvement believes that student involvement outside of the classroom contributes to important learning gains and a well-rounded college experience that prepares students for life after graduation.

Our office hopes to serve as a catalyst to engage and involve students by:

  • providing advising, training and mentoring to student leaders and advisors
  • inspiring students to become active members of the campus and community
  • creating programs that foster interactions among the diverse members of the University community
  • maintaining lively spaces and resources for student-focused initiatives that enrich our campus culture
  • designing and supporting programs, venues and resources that cultivate student expression
  • engaging student leaders to discover new knowledge that will enable them to critically evaluate evidence, make informed judgments, balance multiple perspectives and act ethically