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Harley Quinn Series Asks Batman Adaptations: Why So Serious?

””I’ll admit it; I have Harley Quinn fatigue. Honestly, I never liked her to begin with. I thought she was weird in Batman: The Animated Series. I don’t know what made her interesting in Suicide Squad. She got tacked onto the Birds of Prey movie; I got annoyed. Later, when DC announced a Harley Quinn animated series for their streaming platform, I thought they were beating a dead horse. But six months of quarantine and one HBOMax subscription later, I decided to give the show a try. Well, my finger must have slipped on the remote, because I watched the whole thing. Oops.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Modern Age of Stop-Motion

””The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved and monumental film. Usually preceded by “Tim Burton’s” on logos and packaging, it most certainly is a product of the artist – from the art style to the premise itself – but it is not a project he directed. Burton was busy with Batman Returns, the second of his Batman movies. Henry Selick was left to direct, with Tim Burton simply being a producer.

The Most Recognized Yet Most Mysterious Tango

””Think back to an obscure tango scene you remember from any Hollywood movie. Maybe you picture Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, tangoing while blind with a young woman. Maybe you recall the closing scene of True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. There’s a chance you picture a scene without any dancing and imagine the opening scene in Schindler’s List, when Oskar is first introduced. Or perhaps you ignore the Hollywood prompt and imagine that scene in Money Heist when Berlin dances with Ariadna. What ties these all together? They all feature the same song.

14 Games by Black Developers

””In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests, – which have crossed state and national borders –  social media has helped inform users about a wide range of topics, including institutional racism, inequality, and disproportionate representation in the media. Similarly, users are promoting platforms where people can support African American businesses and foundations. It is our duty as students, allies, and overall as members of the same diverse family, to inform ourselves, recognize, and address the ongoing problem. 

Promoting Wellness through Feel Good Movies

””One of my favorite books is about a bookstore owner in Paris who calls himself a literary apothecary. He has the unique talent of recognizing what his customers’ hardships are and prescribing a book to ease their troubles. Even though I lack the magic and whimsicality in The Little Paris Bookshop, I know we all need a little peace sometimes. The following prescriptions are feel-good movies that can inspire optimism, hope, and positivity. Why not?

””At the end of 2016, only two games made the top ten global searches in Google. The first was Pokémon Go and the second was Since then, no other games have made the list for their perspective Year in Search, not even AAA titles like Fortnite or Minecraft. The instant – though fleeting – success of Pokémon Go makes sense because of the nostalgic factor and its inventive game play. But why did make the list?

Female Agency in John Hughes’ Films

””Coming-of-age movies have always been my favorite genre of film; not only did they showcase the tumultuous and relatable moments of teenage life, they provided me with the comfort that everyone faced struggles during their formative years. I was specifically a fan of John Hughes’ classic coming-of-age films from the 1980’s. I was absolutely obsessed with the charm of Ferris Bueller, the fashion of Andie Walsh, and the aesthetic of The Breakfast Club. While stuck inside during quarantine, I decided to have a John Hughes marathon. I thought I would simply re-watch and enjoy some of my old favorite films; however, this was not the case. In reality, I ended up being shocked and horrified with the way that these films, some of my all-time favorites, portrayed females and normalized sexual harassment.

Have the Times Really Changed? Looking Back on Bob Dylan’s Career

””In November 2019, my opinion on music changed forever. As dramatic as that statement may seem, it is true. On this freezing autumn night in New York City, I was fortunate enough to have tickets to Bob Dylan at the Beacon Theatre. Unsurprisingly, I was the youngest person in the audience by far. Strangers in the audience chatted with one another about the impact that Dylan’s discography has had on their lives. While I have been a Dylan fan since my early teen years, it was remarkable to witness first-hand how Dylan’s career has influenced lives for over sixty decades. In the last month, I have found myself listening to Dylan more than ever before, and I cannot help but wonder, how is Dylan’s music still so relevant?

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