Art Center

The Student Union Art Center provides a diverse range of classes encompassing ceramics, hand building, painting, jewelry making, drawing, and more. Additionally, the center offers the ceramic painting programs, Paint-A-Pot and Paint-A-Pot to-go, affordable custom framing, and opportunities for hosting parties and gatherings. Our main location is situated on the lower level of the Student Union, while the satellite location housing Paint-A-Pot can be found across campus at the Askew Student Life Center (ASLC).

Mission Statement

Established in 1992, the Student Union Art Center serves as a dynamic platform for social engagement, experiential learning, and artistic expression. As an integral part of the Student Union and Florida State University (FSU), the center upholds the institution's esteemed standards. It remains dedicated to providing programs that embody artistic tradition, educational significance, and a spirit of innovation within FSU and the surrounding region.