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Parents' Information

A cornerstone of our program is the parents and families of our bowlers. The support they bring is measured in more than fundraising and food at events. Parents are our biggest supporters and go to great effort and expense to attend our events.

Part of what makes our program different from many others is that we provide for our team members a comprehensive description of what we expect from them, what they can expect from us as well as a calendar of when everything will happen for the entire year. Starting this year we want to have a similar approach with the parents.

As a parent, I have the right to:

  • be treated with dignity and respect.
  • ask questions and receive answers from the coach at the appropriate time.
  • cheer for your child and the team in a positive manner.
  • verify your coaches/team qualifications.
  • talk to other parents and other players.
  • have your child be part of the team without discrimination.
  • request a clear disclosure of financial obligations.
  • have a written teams statement of philosophy.
  • be informed about your child’s role on the team.
  • be provided travel itineraries for all trips.

As a parent, I will be expected to:

  • remain in the spectator areas during all games.
  • not advise the coach on how to coach, who to put in the game and/or who to take out of the game.
  • model sportsmanship for my child by treating all coaches, officials, tournament directors and players of either team with courtesy and respect.
  • encourage hard work and honest effort that will lead to improved performance and participation.
  • emphasize the cooperative nature of the sport.
  • not coach my child during the game.
  • encourage athletes to participate drug, tobacco and alcohol free.
  • attend all events alcohol and drug free
  • cheer for my child’s team.
  • encourage my child to participate for enjoyment as well as competition.
  • applaud good and fair play during games.
  • be in control of my emotions.
  • learn the rules of the game to help me better understand what is happening.
  • understand that physical or verbal intimidation of any individual is unacceptable behavior
  • understand that conduct that is inappropriate as determined by comparison to normally accepted behavior is unacceptable and could affect your ability to attend collegiate events.
  • honor financial commitments.
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