Football State University: A Recap of the 2022 Football Season

””The loudest sound I have ever heard was the emphatic screams of 80,000 strong as the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown. Seconds into the game against Boston College, Trey Benson ran the entire length of the football field for our first score. The closer he got, the louder the stadium grew until I could hardly stay upright from the mass chaos that ensued. Beer rained down from above, fans screamed until their voices grew hoarse, and my hand throbbed from so many high-fives. In many ways, this moment encapsulates what it was to experience Florida State football this season. Our passionate student section and unpredictably talented players gave FSU its best season in recent memory and gave me some of the wildest experiences I have had yet since arriving on campus.

A Very Unofficial List of the Best Olympic Figure Skating Performances, According to Me

””Truth be told, when my editor informed me that I would be allowed to write this article, I did a little dance behind my black zoom screen. I am far from a figure skating aficionado (unless we’re counting the 3 weeks of figure skating classes I took with my brother when I was 7). That said, I am a huge figure skating fan and have been obsessed with following the performances and careers of some of the best figure skaters of our time. So, in honor of the Beijing 2022 Olympics, I present a list of my favorite figure skating performances from the past decade, in hopes of converting each and every one of you dear readers into the figure skating stan that I am.