• Photo of students participating in wheel throwing

Class Descriptions

Find out which class at the OUAC you would like to participate in. Below you will find a quick description of each class offered at the Art Center.

Wheel Throwing
Students learn the basics of wheel throwing and experiment with making a variety of forms including bowls, plates, mugs, and vases. Glazing techniques are also covered. Most students produce a large number of finished pieces. Course cost does not cover clay.
Students learn various clay handbuilding techniques to create a variety of functional and sculptural pieces. Learn methods such as coiling, slump molding, drape molding, joining, and glazing. Most students produce 7 – 10 pieces per session. Course cost does not include clay.
Beginning Jewelry
Students learn the fundamentals of fabricating jewelry including soldering and stone setting. Most students produce 5 – 7 pieces of jewelry during the session. Course cost does not cover the cost of materials. Materials must be purchased from the Art Center.
Students learn the fundamental skills of drawing while experimenting with several different media. Attention is also placed on correct use of materials and preservation of artworks. Most students complete a total of 7 – 10 finished drawings during the session. All materials are provided.
Students learn the techniques of watercolor and acrylic painting. Assignments are geared towards learning basic concepts and styles of painting. Most students complete 5 – 7 paintings during a typical session. Previous drawing experience is preferred but not required. All materials are provided.
Glass Fusing
Students learn the process of glass fusing to create several projects including plates, bowls, wall hangings and jewelry. Emphasis is placed on creativity and exploration of the medium. Most materials are provided.
Stained Glass
Students are introduced to stained glass techniques as they complete 1 – 3 projects over the course of a session. Learn to cut, fit, seal and solder pieces of glass to create a work of art. All materials are provided.