• Rocketman Karoke

    Rocketman Karoke

    Don't go breaking our hearts! Be sure to show up early for our last screening of Rocketman and let your inner performer shine!

  • Rocketman


    Rocketman is a musical fantasia based on the life of Elton John. Starring Taron Egerton as Elton, the film follows the early life, addictions, and struggles of this music legend, both on and off the stage.

  • Modern Times

    Modern Times

    Charlie Chaplin stars at the Little Tramp, who is dropped into the harsh working-world. A satire of the Great Depression and the industrialization of America, Modern times is considered one of Chaplin's best films and a comedic masterpiece. Free to the general public.

  • Signs


    As strange occurrences begin to crop up in a quaint Pennsylvania town, a former pastor must decide how to defend his family when these incidents become increasingly sinister...and suggest an extraterrestrial source.

  • A Translator

    A Translator

    A Russian Literature professor at the University of Havana is ordered to work as a translator for child victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster when they are sent to Cuba for medical treatment.

  • Bloodmobile Drive

    Bloodmobile Drive

    Go to infinity and beyond for those in need! Donate blood at the ASLC before our screening of Toy Story 4 and get free Dippin Dots from our concessions!

  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4

    In the latest installment of this classic Disney franchise, Woody and the gang begin to adapt to their new lives with Bonnie. After Woody and Buzz are introduced to Forky, they all embark on the road trip of a lifetime.

  • You've Got A Friend In Me

    You've Got A Friend In Me

    Making friends your first semester can be tough! Join us at the ASLC to make stuffed animals, buttons, and your very own “Forky”!

  • Final Friday

    Final Friday

    Come to this month’s Final Friday, where we have games that span generations and genres! Try out games like Lethal League, Beat Saber on VR, Kirby Air-Ride, Gang Beasts, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Binding of Isaac and Crawl. All this and more can be found at the ASLC’s Cyber Cafe!

  • Novitiate


    Over the course of a decade, from the 1950s to the mid 60s, a young woman, Cathleen, training to become a nun in the Roman Catholic Church. However, as this period marks radical changes to the Church, she finds herself conflicted and challenged, facing questions over her own faith.

Askew Student Life Center

Movies are FREE for FSU students with valid FSU ID, $6 for general admission, and $3 for FSU Faculty/Staff and Tallahassee Film Society members. 

Located in the heart of FSU’s campus as a satellite of Oglesby Union, the Askew Student Life Center houses a number of exciting and important student services.

The Student Life Cinema is one of the nation’s leading campus movie programs, featuring movies selected by all-student committees: five to six nights a week of everything from the most recent blockbuster movies to documentaries, indies, and foreign films, to restored cinema classics to midnight movies. 

Our box office, concessions, and The Grindhouse accept both cash and card, but we do not accept FSU Cash or FlexBucks.

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