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Askew Student Life Center

Located in the heart of FSU’s campus, the Askew Student Life Center houses a number of exciting and important student services: The Student Life Cinema, Cyber Cafe, and The Grindhouse. Movies are FREE for FSU students with valid FSU ID, $6 for general admission, and $3 for FSU Faculty/Staff/Alumni.

Our box office, concessions, and The Grindhouse accept both cash and card, but we do not accept FSU Cash or FlexBucks.

Check out our schedule below. Trailers and Facebook events are linked to titles.

Date Title Time
16-Jan The Lighthouse 7:30PM & 10:15PM
16-Jan A Fish Called Wanda 8:30PM
17-Jan The Lighthouse 7:30PM & Doors 11:30PM, Show 12:00AM
17-Jan A Fish Called Wanda 8:30PM
18-Jan The Lighthouse 7:30PM & 10:15PM
21-Jan Tabletop Tuesday 6:00PM
21-Jan Knock Down the House 7:00PM
22-Jan Pop Culture Trivia Night 8:00PM
23-Jan Thursday Throwdown 6:00PM
23-Jan The Lion King (1994) 7:30PM & 10:00PM
24-Jan The Lion King (1994) 7:30PM
24-Jan Spider-Man 2 Doors 11:30PM, Show 12:00AM
25-Jan The Lion King (1994) 7:30PM & 10:00PM
29-Jan Break and Enter 7:00PM
30-Jan Girl Asleep 8:30PM
30-Jan Hustlers 10:15PM
31-Jan Final Friday Gaming Social 6:00PM
31-Jan Hustlers 7:30PM & 10:15PM
31-Jan Ghost World Doors 11:30PM, Show 12:00AM
1-Feb Hustlers 7:30PM & 10:15PM
3-Feb The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 7:00PM Wings, 9:00PM Film
4-Feb Tabletop Tuesday 6:00PM
5-Feb Tigers Are Not Afraid 7:30PM & 9:45PM
6-Feb Thursday Throwdown 6:00PM
6-Feb Jojo Rabbit 7:30PM & 10:15PM
7-Feb Jojo Rabbit 7:30PM & 10:15PM
7-Feb Sex, Lies, and Videotape 8:30PM
8-Feb Jojo Rabbit 7:30PM & 10:15PM
11-Feb Before Night Falls 7:00PM
12-Feb The Princess Bride 8:30PM
13-Feb Palentine's Day 6:00PM
13-Feb Joker 7:00PM & 10:00PM
13-Feb Lovesong 8:00PM
14-Feb Joker 6:00PM & 9:00PM
14-Feb Lovesong 8:00PM
14-Feb Jennifer's Body Doors 11:30PM, Show 12:00AM
15-Feb Joker 10:00PM

Upcoming Movies & Events

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