Pogues 4 Life Reigns Supreme

””The long-awaited third season of Outer Banks has finally been released. Everyone’s favorite Pogues have returned to Netflix, attempting to find the next big treasure: El Dorado. With not much more than a dream, bandana, and the occasional weapon, the group faces more adversity than they ever have before. This season features the largest treasure yet and higher stakes than ever, causing more fighting between the Pogues than seen in previous seasons. What makes this season great is that despite all of the fighting and all of the adversity, in the end, P4L dominates all other forces, keeping the group tighter-knit than ever before.

Falling for Christmas: Every Holiday Trope Lover’s Dream

””With the Thanksgiving season over and the holiday season arriving, nothing beats cozying up to a cheesy Christmas movie with a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket. Now there are plenty of movies to choose from, with more and more being released every year. This year, instead of watching the same Christmas movies for the millionth time, I branched out and decided to watch something new. The queen of cheesy 2000s teen movies, Lindsay Lohan, has dipped her toes back into the spotlight with a leading role in Falling for Christmas. Alongside Chord Overstreet, known for his role as Sam Evans in Glee, the duo embarks on a journey with a laundry list of Christmas movie tropes. From the rich girl meeting a small-town boy to the way too-generous townspeople offering their services. From the Christmas miracle granted by a Santa Claus figure to the weird memory loss that somehow didn’t send her into a coma, these tropes have been beaten to death over and over again. Yet somehow, I still fall for it every single time. Despite the hatred many have for these tired tropes, I think that they make the Christmas movie-watching experience.

Young Royals: The Kind of Teen Drama Everyone Wants

””Netflix has done it again with the second season of Young Royals. The show many believed would be about out-of-touch rich teens getting away with rich teen things ended up having much more depth. The first season was able to craft a beautiful storyline centered around Wilhelm, the eventual Crown Prince of Sweden, and Simon, a fellow student at his boarding school. When a second season was confirmed, many of its fans were worried about the show’s ability to follow up the masterpiece that is the first season. Despite this, I think that they do a beautiful job of following up the arcs that they set up in the first season and expand beautifully on what it is like to feel like a teen.