Black Swan, Suspiria, and the Horrifically Feminine World of Ballet

””As a psychological thriller, Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan (2010) borrows heavily from the gendered tropes of the horror genre while also cultivating some of their own. With its sophisticated score and disorienting cinematography, the maddening beauty of the film defines the "feminine" canon of unsettling stories immersed in the world of ballet. These narratives spotlight its soul-crushing discipline, unnatural physical demands, and distinctly feminine grace to expose the anxiety of female perfection.

Do Worry Darling: Dangers of Men in Online Extremist Groups

””*Contains Spoilers for Don’t Worry Darling*

Whether you are a die-hard Harry Styles fan or not, many viewers of Don’t Worry Darling were shocked by the reveal of his character, Jack Chamber’s actual appearance. No matter how much you liked the movie, this switch from Styles’ portrayal of a charming 1950’s gentleman to a reclusive online incel was a real surprise for many. After seeing the film in theaters three times, I can confirm that each time, the audience was always overtaken with audible gasps when they saw the reality of Jack’s character. This harsh portrayal of Jack Chamber’s reality, while amusing for some, was a true wake-up call surrounding the realities and dangers of men in online extremist groups.