Social Media

Tiktok Vs. The US Government

””Something that has been weighing on my mind, and I’m sure the minds of many others, is the potential ban of TikTok. Now, I am not embarrassed to admit that I have a minor addiction to the app, checking it a couple of times a day for no insignificant amount of time and also posting my own content quite frequently. The idea of my new favorite form of social media being gone is disheartening. It is an important app for many people who rely on it for entertainment, work, news, education, and more. But there are some serious security concerns regarding TikTok, as the data it collects could be used in dangerous and damaging ways. My questions are these: can those concerns be resolved in a safe, compromising way that doesn’t end in the ban of the app in the US? What did the Congressional hearing really accomplish besides showing everyone how technologically inept and incredibly rude US politicians are? And is TikTok even the real issue here, or is it just a front to cover up an incredibly invasive and privacy-breaching bill that the US government wants to pass?