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ASLC Programs

Film Committee


The Classic Films Senior Programmer creates nomination lists of classic films for both theaters based on research of cinema history, canonical film lists, and critically-acclaimed titles. They lead Classics Film Committee meetings, makes announcements at screenings, and places titles for appropriate dates on the schedule. To contact the Classic Films Senior Programmer, please reach out to: SLCClassics@admin.fsu.edu.


Classic Films Senior Programmer
Pronouns: He/She/Him/Her
Major: English--Creative Writing
Favorite Film(s): Tokyo Godfathers by Satoshi Kon, or Castle in the Sky/The Castle of Cagliostro by Hayao Miyazaki.
Favorite Game(s): Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Bloodborne

Co-SponSorships & Outreach

The Senior Programmer for Co-Sponsorships and Outreach serves as the liaison for outside organizations seeking to work with the ASLC. They respond to requests for screenings and events and help groups create and host successful events with the different committees of our building. To contact the Senior Programmer for Co-Sponsorships & Outreach, please reach out to: OU-SLC-CoSpon@fsu.edu


Senior Programmer, Co-Sponsorships and Outreach
Pronouns: She/her
Major: Hospitality & Tourism Management; Spanish
Favorite Film(s): 100 Foot Journey, Booksmart
Favorite Game(s): Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Junior Film Programmer

The Junior Film Programmer assists all the Senior Programmers with note-taking, lists, and ideas for how to better Film Committee. They shadow the Senior Programmers to learn the differences among roles.


Junior Programmer
Pronouns: They/them
Major: Psychology and Criminology
Favorite Film(s): Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Spiderman into the Spiderverse
Favorite Game(s): Video game- Omori, Tabletop - Hearts


The Senior Programmer for Midnight Films creates a nomination list of cult and nostalgia films for both theaters. They lead Midnight Film Committee meetings, make announcements, and place titles on the schedule. They judge our annual Horror Short Film Contest and create the Midnight pre-shows. To contact the Senior Programmer for Midnight Films, please reach out to: SLCMidnight@admin.fsu.edu.


Senior Programmer, Midnight Films
Pronouns: He/Him
Major: Social Science Education
Favorite Film(s): Inglourious Basterds, Back to the Future, Holes
Favorite Game(s): Settlers of Catan, Super Mario 64

New releases

The Senior Programmer for New Release Films assembles a nominations list for Film Committee of recent Blockbuster, foreign, documentary, and independent films based on compiled information from release size, critical acclaim, audience reaction, and campus demographics. They lead New Release Film Committee meetings, make announcements at screenings, and place titles for appropriate dates on the schedule. To contact the Senior Programmer for New Release Films, please reach out to: SLCAlternative@admin.fsu.edu


Senior Programmer, New Release Films
Pronouns: He/him
Major: Editing, Writing, and Media
Favorite Film(s): Big Time Adolescence (2019), Honey Boy (2019), The Shape of Water (2017), Drive (2011), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), Pretty Woman (1990)
Favorite Game(s): Valorant, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Dead by Daylight, Jackbox, Scrabble

Game Committee

Gaming events & outreach director

The Gaming Events & Outreach Director leads Game Committee meetings, facilitates discussion, oversees a two person gaming leadership team, and assembles game nominations for purchase. To contact the Gaming Events & Outreach Director, please reach out to SLCGaming@admin.fsu.edu.


Gaming Events & Outreach Director
Pronouns: He/him
Major: Digital Media Production
Favorite Film(s): Her
Favorite Game(s): Dungeons and Dragons

Gaming events COORDINATOR

The Gaming Events Coordinator leads Game Committee events, facilitates discussion about event planning, and coordinates tournament and social event planning. To contact the Gaming Events Coordinator, please reach out to SLCGaming@admin.fsu.edu.


Gaming Events Coordinator
Pronouns: They/Them
Major: Theatre - Stage Management and Costume Design
Favorite Film(s): Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Favorite Game(s): Clue, Fallout 4

Special Events Committee

Special events Director

The Special Events Director and Coordinator plan, coordinate, and manage special events for the students that come to the ASLC. These events may be film related like our annual fall showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or unrelated to films like our monthly Open Mic Nights. They also lead Special Events Committee meetings in which students brainstorm and vote on the events for upcoming ASLC schedules. To contact the Special Events Director & Coordinator, please reach out to: SLCEvents@admin.fsu.edu


Special Events Director
Pronouns: She/her
Major: Media/Communication Studies; Sports Management
Favorite Film(s):Moonlight, Ratatouille, Booksmart
Favorite Game(s):Parqués


Special Events Coordinator
Pronouns: He/him
Major: Advertising
Favorite Film(s): Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Amadeus, Seven Samurai, Bend it Like Beckham, Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Game(s):Chess

ASLC Promotions


The Advertising Director and Coordinator lead Advertising Committee meetings and devise effective means of advertising for the ASLC. They supervise a team of graphic designers, providing constructive feedback. They coordinate the creation of promotional items for all sub-committees, including posters, schedules, web banners, and social media graphics. To contact the Advertising Director or Coordinator, please reach out at: SLCPR@admin.fsu.edu.


Advertising Director
Pronouns: She/her
Major: Studio Art
Favorite Film(s): Parasite, 1917, The Parent Trap, The Matrix
Favorite Game(s): Clue, Among Us


Advertising Coordinator
Pronouns: They/Them
Major: Studio Art
Favorite Film(s): What We Do In the Shadows, Suspiria
Favorite Game(s): Mario Kart


The Content (Blog & Zine) Coordinator oversees the creation and distribution of the ASLC Zine, Skewed, and any articles & art for our blog. To contact the Content Director, please reach out at: OU-SLC-content@fsu.edu.


Content Director
Pronouns: She/her
Major: Media/Communication Studies; Studio Art
Favorite Film(s): Stand By Me, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
Favorite Game(s): Street Fighter

Social Media

The Social Media Team oversees and creates the content for all of our social media platforms, including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and Spotify for both the Student Life Cinema and ASLC Gaming accounts. To contact the Social Media Director, please reach out at: OU-SLC-social@fsu.edu.


Social Media Director, Student Life Cinema
Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Music Therapy
Favorite Film(s): Any Marvel Movie!
Favorite Game(s): Mortal Kombat; Injustice


Social Media Coordinator
Pronouns: He/him
Major: Literature, Media, and Culture
Favorite Film(s):In no particular order, Spiderman: Far From Home (2019), The King (2019) Handsome Devil (2016)
Favorite Game(s): Backgammon, Othello, or Clue

Video Production

The Video Production Team coordinates ASLC video promotions for the theater, gaming, and our social media channels. They delegate directorial, writing, filming, and acting assignments to the members of Video Production Team. Check out some of their work on their YouTube page. To contact the Video Production Director, please reach out at SLCMedia@fsu.edu.


Video Production Director
Pronouns: She/her
Major: Digital Media Production
Favorite Film(s):The Shape of Water, The Truman Show
Favorite Game(s):Pokemon Go


Video Production Coordinator
Pronouns: He/him
Major: Digital Media Production
Favorite Film(s): Her, Arrival, The Sound of Metal, Y tu mamá también
Favorite Game(s): Outer Wilds, Disco Elysium

ASLC Internal


The Lead projectionist manages the other student projectionists at the building. They build 35mm prints and setup shows for our state of the art DCP projection. They are responsible for ensuring the highest quality theater presentation during showings, as well as AV quality for events ranging from VR to Karaoke, Trivia to Open Mic Nights, Lectures to Panel Discussions, and everything in between.

Lauren Callahan

Lead Projectionist
Pronouns: She/They
Major: Psychology
Favorite Film(s): Logan Lucky (2017), Suspiria (2018), and Carrie (1976)
Favorite Game(s): Smash Ultimate, Fallout New Vegas, and Animal Crossing





Research & Development

The Research Team is a committee of students that research factors relating to the building, such as attendance, awareness, and activity.


Research Committee Assistant
Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Marketing and Communication/Media Studies
Favorite Film(s): Arrival, Interstellar, Wolf of Wall Street, Meet the Robinsons, Hereditary
Favorite Video Game(s): Just Dance

Theater Managers

On nights where the SLC is showing a movie, the Theater Manager manages concessions workers, a projectionist, a programmer, and box office admissions. They are responsible for overseeing volunteers, maintaining the theater during showings, and reporting updates on the theater to the ASLC Program Manager.



Theater Manager
Pronouns: She/her
Major: Media Studies; Psychology
Favorite Film(s):  Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Easy A, Ratatouille
Favorite Game(s): Tony Hawk Pro Skater


Theater Manager
Pronouns: She/her
Major: Visual Disabilities (Education)
Favorite Film(s): Les Miserables (2012)
Favorite Game(s): Monster Hunter Franchise


      Theater Manager
      Pronouns: Any
      Major: Animation and Digital Arts
      Favorite Film(s): The Princess Bride
      Favorite Game(s): Shadows over Camelot






Film Committee

We are a group of FSU students who program the films, events, and speakers for the theater. Our four programmers compile lists of films for their respective programming blocks for the committee to discuss and select our movie schedule. Our objective is to both entertain and educate the Florida State University population through film. Check calendar.fsu.edu for exact meeting times. Join our Nole Central and/or Discord page for more announcements.

Game Committee

All computers, gaming consoles, board games, and gaming events at the ASLC are maintained by the ASLC Game Committee. If you love video games and are interested in becoming part of our community, join us! Check calendar.fsu.edu for exact meeting times. Join our Nole Central and/or Discord page for more announcements.

Video Production Committee

Do you love the trailers, montages, and video promos that play before every screening at the SLC? Then say hello to VidPro! Through Video Production Committee, members have creative control over the Public Service Announcements and trailers for upcoming films and events at the building. If you're interested in working with multimedia and video editing, join us! Check out our Youtube page! For info about Vid Pro involvement, contact slcmedia@admin.fsu.edu

Advertising Committee

Those on the Advertising Committee are responsible for all of the advertising and promotional material for the SLC. Built-up of a team of graphic designers, photographers, and copywriters, the AdCom team has a dedication towards spreading the building's message and promoting films and events through eye-catching digital graphics, print material, and tabling opportunities. Unlike the other committees, the advertising committee requires an application to join. For info about Ad Comm involvement, contact slcpr@admin.fsu.edu

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee gives students the opportunity to plan interactive and unique monthly events at the ASLC that tie unto the movies or gaming programmed for that month. The committee is responsible for planning entertaining events such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Open Mic Nights, Trivia Nights, and non-film related events like therapy dog days! Special Events Committee will host weekly meetings. Join our Nole Central and/or Group Me page for more announcements.

Content Committee

Content Committee is in charge of the SLC's zine: Skewed and our Blog. They also give insight for our podcast, Spotify playlists on @fsustudentlifecinema and Social media content suggestions. At Content Committee, members get the change to express themselves through art and writing, showcasing the creative aspects that make up the SLC. Read our blog articles here. For more info, email ou-slc-content@fsu.edu

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