Ghost Files: The Boys are Back, and Better Than Ever


The news has been abuzz recently with various names and faces who once worked at Buzzfeed, some for good reasons and some for not-so-good reasons. Buzzfeed was at its peak during the mid-2010s, creating fun, viral media through the form of videos, articles, and quizzes. It was during this time that Buzzfeed Unsolved began airing, which was getting millions of views in its later seasons. The show was a unique take on unsolved mysteries from the historical to the supernatural and was hosted by Ryan Bergara, a believer, and Shane Madej, a skeptic.


But like many of their fellow employees, the two left Buzzfeed. Joining forces with Steven Lim of Worth It fame, the three created their own media company, and thus, Watcher Entertainment was born. So while we had to say goodbye to Buzzfeed Unsolved, now after almost a year’s wait, we can say hello to their new ghost-hunting show, Ghost Files!

For fans of Buzzfeed Unsolved, all the same elements you know and love are still present in the new show. Each episode features a different haunted location, which Ryan and Shane investigate using a range of ghost-hunting tech while regaling viewers with the history of the site. The two wile away the time (and the fear) by bickering and bantering, poking fun at each other and any ghouls in the vicinity. However, one new feature of Ghost Files is audience evidence. Viewers can submit evidence to Watcher prior to filming, and Ryan and Shane will try to recreate that evidence while on site. Some episodes even feature special guests, who enter the Boo Bunker (aka the Watcher Ghost Files set) to present their evidence in person. For example, YouTuber Garrett Watts joined them on their St. Ignatius episode to discuss his chilling EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) audio and his footage of a door slamming shut all on its own.


One fun thing about Ghost Files is how real and down-to-earth it is. The entire show is unscripted, and they never try to fake or fabricate evidence. What they see and hear is what you get. That means that some episodes are chock full of haunting moments, from ghost responses through a spirit box to potential apparitions caught on camera, while others are not. But even if nothing happens, every episode is still full of interesting historical information and creepy footage offset by two guys goofing around for an hour. Some of my personal favorite bits are the individual investigations, in which Shane and then Ryan tour the location all by themselves. During this time, you really get the full effect of what it means to be a skeptic versus a believer. Shane is cool and composed, jauntily walking around and amusing himself by harassing all the supernatural beings he does not believe in. Ryan is all over the place as he strives to overcome his fear in order to prove his theories correct once and for all.


Another element left over from Buzzfeed Unsolved is the after-show. Similar to BFU’s Postmortem, the new show called Debrief has a Q&A bit for viewers to submit questions for the guys (and any guests) to answer. But Debrief includes two new additions. One is a bit where Ryan and Shane unpack any evidence from the episode that they were unable to delve into onsite or only realized during the editing process. The other is a section that goes into the making of Ghost Files, titled “Behind the Screams.” This after-show is perfect for those who can’t get enough of the ghoul boys.


Ghost Files is currently airing every Friday on YouTube at 3 pm EST, just in time for the spooky season. Debrief airs every following Wednesday, usually at the same time. So tune in to join Ryan and Shane (and any ghosts) on their hilarious, haunting adventures!


Writer & Artist: Sarah Moloney