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Moonrise Kingdom: Stop Making Sense

””“In order to show you how a big symphony orchestra is put together, Benjamin Britten has written a big piece of music, which is made up of smaller pieces that show you all the separate parts of the orchestra.” As these words come from a small record player in the Bishop household, members of the family are introduced in Wes Anderson’s 2012 film, Moonrise Kingdom. This focus on composition is all too fitting for Anderson, whose films are defined by a composed, iconic appearance. 

5 Multiplayer Horror Games to Play for Fans of Phasmophobia 

”” 2020 saw the release of the co-op horror experience Phasmophobia, which had players take on the roles of paranormal investigators, searching for and making contact with ghostly entities. The game became massively popular among PC gamers and was a best-seller on Steam during the weeks leading up to and following Halloween. Since its release, over two million players have worked together to investigate and communicate with the hostile spirits which haunt the game’s residences using whatever tools are at their disposal, from security cameras to Ouija boards.

From Toronto Streets to Superbowl Stardom: The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ Album Explained

”” As an avid Weeknd fan, my friends and family have come to me quite often over the past year with questions about the After Hours era persona that The Weeknd has adopted in his album cover, music videos, live performances, as well as his social media. These kinds of questions have only increased since his eye-catching performance in the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show. As part of this persona, he has appeared sporting a stunning red suit with sunglasses at certain times and bloody bandages and scars at others, even appearing to have gone through extreme plastic surgery in his most recent music video for “Save Your Tears.” Hopefully, I can make his aesthetic a bit clearer for those of you who don’t have a Weeknd mega-fan like myself to ask, or if you just want to know more about his music after watching him perform at Super Bowl LV. 

Harley Quinn Series Asks Batman Adaptations: Why So Serious?

””I’ll admit it; I have Harley Quinn fatigue. Honestly, I never liked her to begin with. I thought she was weird in Batman: The Animated Series. I don’t know what made her interesting in Suicide Squad. She got tacked onto the Birds of Prey movie; I got annoyed. Later, when DC announced a Harley Quinn animated series for their streaming platform, I thought they were beating a dead horse. But six months of quarantine and one HBOMax subscription later, I decided to give the show a try. Well, my finger must have slipped on the remote, because I watched the whole thing. Oops.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Modern Age of Stop-Motion

””The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved and monumental film. Usually preceded by “Tim Burton’s” on logos and packaging, it most certainly is a product of the artist – from the art style to the premise itself – but it is not a project he directed. Burton was busy with Batman Returns, the second of his Batman movies. Henry Selick was left to direct, with Tim Burton simply being a producer.

The Most Recognized Yet Most Mysterious Tango

””Think back to an obscure tango scene you remember from any Hollywood movie. Maybe you picture Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, tangoing while blind with a young woman. Maybe you recall the closing scene of True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. There’s a chance you picture a scene without any dancing and imagine the opening scene in Schindler’s List, when Oskar is first introduced. Or perhaps you ignore the Hollywood prompt and imagine that scene in Money Heist when Berlin dances with Ariadna. What ties these all together? They all feature the same song.

14 Games by Black Developers

””In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests, – which have crossed state and national borders –  social media has helped inform users about a wide range of topics, including institutional racism, inequality, and disproportionate representation in the media. Similarly, users are promoting platforms where people can support African American businesses and foundations. It is our duty as students, allies, and overall as members of the same diverse family, to inform ourselves, recognize, and address the ongoing problem.