Have Fun in the Sun With the Best Movies for the Summer Mood


Have Fun in the Sun With the Best Movies for the Summer Mood


          With summer just around the corner, it is time to get in the proper mood. Just think about it, long walks on beaches, beautiful sunsets, swimming, and no more school. With all of that in mind, I have compiled a list of the perfect films to watch to get you ready for the best summer yet.


Mamma Mia

This list would not be complete with the classic tale of Mamma Mia. From the gorgeous white sand beaches to even more scenic views, this movie just screams summer. The story follows Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) during her wedding weekend. The catch? She has invited her three potential dads without discussing it with her mom (Meryl Streep) first. The fun shenanigans and the over-the-top performances set to the songs of ABBA make for a great girls' night in the movie. What better than to live out the fantasy of getting married on a breathtaking Greek island with all of your girlfriends by your side?  


Grown Ups 2

With the comedic talents of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade, Grown Ups 2 is such a good time. Set three years after the first film, Lenny (Adam Sandler) moves his family back to his hometown. When the kids are on their last day of school, the dads get into their good old-fashioned high jinks. Culminating in a massive 80s party, this movie reminds audiences how fun summer is meant to be. No, it’s not going to win any awards or be critically acclaimed, but that was never its goal. It was just meant to be fun antics, comedy, and summer rolled up into a movie.


Lilo ​& Stitch

The animated Disney classic Lilo & Stitch is the only way to begin the summer. Lilo (Daveigh Chase) and her sister/guardian, Nani (Tia Carrere), navigate the difficulties of living on their own after their parent's death when Stitch (Chris Sanders), a genetically-altered alien, crash lands on their island. To alleviate Lilo’s loneliness, Nani adopts Stitch. The film, however, runs so much deeper than a simple pet. With themes of loneliness and found family, this kid’s movie makes for a beautiful love story between two sisters and their new pet. To top it off, the amazing soundtrack and Hawaiian scenery make it the best way to get into the summer mood.


Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Set two years after the first movie, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 focuses on the Baker family as they reminisce about summers on the lake. In an attempt to bring the family back together one last time, the father of the family, Tom (Steve Martin), persuades the family to take a trip out to the lake. When things begin to go awry, the family is reacquainted with the Murtaughs, a similarly large family. Old rivalries begin to bubble up between Tom and the father of the Murtaugh family, Jimmy (Eugene Levy), resulting in a showdown at the lake’s Annual Labor Day Family Cup. Filled with laugh-out-loud pranks, a plethora of physical comedy, and family fun, this movie is the perfect summer movie for the entire family to enjoy.   


High School Musical 2

Of course, I couldn’t forget the quintessential summer film of my generation. High School Musical 2 is my go-to summer movie. As the clock ticks down on the last day of school, Troy Bolton (Zac Efron), a star basketball player at East High, and his friends celebrate their fun summer ahead. To make some money to save for college, the entire friend group gets jobs at a country club. This movie has everything a summer flick needs: iced tea imported from England, lifeguards imported from Spain, towels imported from Turkey, and turkey imported from Maine. But truly, the backdrop of the film is the ultimate summer vacation, and the songs are some of (if not the best) of the series.


Summer just isn’t summer without a good movie, so hopefully, this list has inspired your movie choices for the coming months.


Writer and Artist: Olivia Madrid