Sudarshan Sindhuvalli

House of the Dragon: A Fresh Journey Back To Westeros

””I still remember the night of May 19, 2019. Sitting in my living room, as I awaited the grand finale of what had been the greatest show I had ever seen, Game of Thrones. A show with so much complexity, grandeur, and heart that had amassed millions of fans in its 8 season run. I still remember the feeling I had once the credits began to roll. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. I wasn't alone in my disappointment as millions of other GOT fans took to the internet to vent. The series finale left such a sour taste in many fans' mouths that just 2 years after that, it held such a little grip on pop culture discourse. A show that brought in 18.4 million live viewers for its finale had seemingly disappeared from people's minds

Bodies Bodies Bodies Delivers Delivers Delivers

””The year 2022 has been filled with many horror releases. While that may seem like a win for fans of the genre, it has felt like it's been filled with quantity over quality. With most of the year's horror films feeling uninspired, dull, and overall trying to mimic previous, better, films, Bodies Bodies Bodies put a fresh spin on the genre. The film takes a less traditional horror route by fusing its horror with comedy. This pairing of horror and comedy often doesn’t work well, either having the comedy overshadow the horror or vice-versa. Director Halina Reijn, however, perfectly crafted the two together.

The Batman: The New Gold Standard

””Matt Reeves' The Batman, which hit theaters March 4th, is the latest adaptation of the beloved caped crusader. With nine live action films already made, getting another film may feel redundant to some. Especially with the success of The Dark Knight trilogy, many felt the new installment would not be able to live up to its predecessors. However, The Batman delivers a new, grittier, and comic accurate story.