”” With the SLC Content Committee’s newest zine being themed “Anime,” the Stargazer blog is highlighting a more recent anime you might not have heard of. Though horrifically translated as The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague, this romance anime is charming and worth overlooking some awkward English phrasing. Fuyutsuki and Himuro overcome both magical and workplace problems while trying to control their crushes on one another.

Rocky Horror and Queerness

With its outlandish characters, satirical plot, and unapologetic queerness, The Rocky Horror Picture Show became a cult classic after its release in 1975. The musical film, which isn’t as scary as it is campy, was created as a spoof of B-horror movies that usually feature far-fetched plots, mediocre acting, and low budgets. The film stars Tim Curry in his breakout role as Frank N. Furter, a cross-dressing mad scientist who lives in a Victorian Gothic-style castle. The plot itself is reminiscent of Frankenstein; Frank N. Furter succeeds in creating a sentient yet incredibly airheaded man named Rocky, who is used mostly as a boy toy. However, the film’s inciting incident occurs when newly engaged Brad and Janet get a flat tire and stumble upon Frank N. Furter’s castle. Here, they are acquainted with the goofy characters inside and witness Rocky’s creation. Brad and Janet represent everything that Frank N. Furter does not: repression, chastity, and social conformity. As the plot progresses, Brad and Janet succumb to their deepest desires and give into the flagrant lifestyle of the castle’s residents.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Delivers Delivers Delivers

””The year 2022 has been filled with many horror releases. While that may seem like a win for fans of the genre, it has felt like it's been filled with quantity over quality. With most of the year's horror films feeling uninspired, dull, and overall trying to mimic previous, better, films, Bodies Bodies Bodies put a fresh spin on the genre. The film takes a less traditional horror route by fusing its horror with comedy. This pairing of horror and comedy often doesn’t work well, either having the comedy overshadow the horror or vice-versa. Director Halina Reijn, however, perfectly crafted the two together.

Why Everyone Should Watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail

””There are a few films which are so definitive to their genre that they not only provide an unforgettable viewing experience but also serve to enlighten viewers to the possibilities of cinema as an art form. These pictures deserve recognition not just as entertainment but as educational, enriching works that ought to be experienced by everyone at some point in their lives. Monty Python’s 1975 adaptation of the Arthurian Holy Grail legend is, undeniably, one of those films. This article will serve as an analysis of the cinematic achievements and cultural importance of the timeless medieval drama.