• Union Board


2020 – 2021 Oglesby Union Board Committees

*The chair and vice chair titles are for that specific committee only.

Budget Committee

  • Justin White
  • Daniel Harkins
  • Isabelle Gonzalez
  • Mason Nash
  • Judd Williams

OUTREACH Committee

  • Sarah Schuminsky
  • Alex Cubas

Policy & Bylaws Committee

  • Sunny Baros-Kabler
  • Hailey Berger

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee oversees the development and presentation of the annual Union budget. The Union Board Budget Request is subject to the approval of the Union Director and the Vice President of Student Affairs. The committee also assists in allocating funds for sweepings at the end of the fall semester.

Suggestions or comments should be sent to oglesbyunionboard@gmail.com.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee shall act as a liaison between the various departments of the Oglesby Union and the general student body. This is accomplished through postings on the Union’s social media accounts, as well as participating in co-sponsored events with the various Union departments and other groups and agencies on campus.

Suggestions or comments should be sent to oglesbyunionspace@gmail.com.

Policy Committee

The Policy committee shall review and recommend changes to all Union Board policies, bylaws and rules. Additionally, the Committee shall settle all disputes and infractions concerning the bylaws and rules of the Union Board.

Suggestions or comments should be sent to oglesbyunionboard@gmail.com.

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