• Paint-A-Pot To Go - enjoy all the fun of Paint-A-Pot from anywhere!

Paint-A-Pot To Go

Paint-A-Pot To go

Paint-A-Pot To-Go allows you to enjoy all the fun of our traditional Paint-A-Pot program from home! We are offering two distinct To-Go options: glaze (in-person order) and acrylic (online order). Each choice is designed to fit the varying needs of our customers.


Option: Acrylic (Online Order)

The acrylic option is ideal for those who:

  • Prefer to order online and only go to the Art Center once to pick up and pay
  • Want a ceramic item and all necessary supplies pre-packaged for them
  • Aren't looking to make a food safe item and are ok with choosing from a smaller selection of items – there are still over 60 pieces to choose from!

The acrylic option offers select ceramic items in packets at 3 price levels. Each packet includes one chosen item, a set of brushes, and a strip of acrylic paints. Acrylic paints do not need to be fired in a kiln, which saves you two trips back to the Art Center. Just let your piece air-dry and you’re good to go! Place your order online using the order form and we will prepare your packet for pick-up.

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Option: Glaze (In Person Order)

The glaze option is ideal for those who:

  • Want to make a food-safe item like dishes or serving ware
  • Want to choose from our entire inventory of ceramic pieces
  • Don't mind making a couple of trips to the Art Center

The glaze option is ideal for those who want a larger selection of items or want to make a food-safe piece and don’t mind having to make a couple of extra trips to the Art Center. This option allows you to choose from any of the items in our inventory, but you must make your order in person. You will be given a palette with a cover to transport your glazes and you may choose to either borrow brushes from us or purchase a brush set to keep. Any borrowed palettes and brushes must be returned before we will finish firing your piece.

All completed glaze Paint-A-Pot pieces must be returned when you're done so we can add a clear coat and fire them. Your piece will be ready for pick-up on Friday of the following week. Please note that larger pieces may take longer to process. You can call us at 850-644-4737 to check on the status of your piece. We appreciate your patience!

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Acrylic (Online Order)

How it works:

  1. Place your order online using the provided form
  2. Pick-up and pay for your packet at the Art Center the next day
  3. Paint your piece with acrylic paints in the comfort of your own home
  4. Let air dry and you’re all set!

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Each Paint-A-Pot To-Go packet includes:

  • your chosen ceramic item from the packet options below
  • one set of paint brushes
  • one strip of acrylic paint

paint brushes and acrylic paint setYou may order multiple packets at once and may purchase additional brush sets and paints as needed.

Note: Pieces made with acrylic paint are not food safe. This is why the ceramic item options for the acrylic packages are limited and do not include any dishes or serving ware. If you want to make something food-safe, please utilize the To-Go glaze option.



Photo of paint-a-pot to go pieces in the $9 packet
$9 per packet, click to enlarge.


Photo of paint-a-pot to go pieces in the $11 packet
$11 per packet, click to enlarge.


Photo of paint-a-pot to go pieces in the $12 Tiles/Flats Packet
$12 per packet, click to enlarge.

Glaze (In Person Order)

How it works:

  1. Go to the Art Center to purchase your piece and choose your glazes
  2. Paint your pieces with glaze in the comfort of your own home
  3. Bring your piece and any borrowed tools back to the Art Center so we can fire your work in the kiln
  4. Pick up your finished piece the following day and enjoy!

paint-a-pot to go glaze paletteEach To-Go glaze order includes your chosen ceramic piece from our entire inventory along with a portable palette for glazes and brushes from the Art Center, all to be returned for us to process your finished piece. We have brush sets available for purchase as well.

You’ll want to choose this option over the acrylic packets if you want to make a food-safe item. If you aren’t making a food-safe piece and would prefer not to make repeat trips to the Art Center, the acrylic option may be for you.

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