Submit an Event Proposal

Event Proposal

Before submitting your proposal, please reserve an appropriate space for your event. If you have not already done so, please visit the Find Event Space page for more information on how to reserve space. Deadlines and policies vary by facility. The Campus Event Services staff can assist you with navigating the reservation process and connect you with event space managers on campus.

When you are ready to submit your event proposal, please make sure that you’ve answered the following questions to avoid delays in the review process:

  • What is the purpose, or mission, of my event?
  • Where and when is my event being held (date, time, specific location)?
    • If event is outdoors, do I have a weather backup plan?
  • What is my event budget and where is the funding coming from?
  • Have I invited any appointed or elected officials, political candidates, or dignitaries (i.e. University President or Vice Presidents, celebrities, etc…) to my event? If so, in what capacity (i.e. honored guest, keynote speaker, moderator, etc…)?
  • Is my event open to the public or for members of my organization only?
  • Am I serving food at my event? If so, where is the food coming from and how will it be served?
  • Will there be minors present at my event? Will they be supervised by their parents or staff from an external organization (i.e. Boys & Girls Club, etc…)? Will they be in the care of my organization members?
  • Will my event include any physical activity or physical competition between individuals or teams?
  • Am I going to hire a DJ, invite a paid speaker, or rent any equipment (i.e. bounce houses, generators, tents, etc…)?
  • Is any merchandise (including food) being sold at my event?
  • Is my event a fundraiser where money will exchange hands?
  • Will there be potentially controversial or emotionally charged topics presented or discussed as part of my event?
  • Are live animals part of my event plan? What type of animal and why? Who is providing the animals?
  • How many people do I expect to attend my event?

Where to submit an Event Proposal request:

For recognized student organizations, create an event through your RSO’s page in Nole Central.
Nole Central »

Event Proposal for University Departments & Outside Organizations »