Terms and Conditions

The following is a summary of frequently referenced terms and conditions governing the usage of FSU Student Union facilities. For a more complete list of policies governing the usage of university facilities, please see OP-B-10 USE OF UNIVERSITY FACILITIES.

By submitting a space reservation request, guests and organizations utilizing Student Union facilities agree to abide by all governing terms and conditions as it relates to the reservation and usage of space. The terms and conditions set forth shall be binding and applicable to all space reservations in Student Union facilities; including the Student Union complex, Student Services Building, and the Askew Student Life Center.

Reservation Times

Student Union facilities are typically available for space reservations from 8:00 am - 11:00 pm Monday through Friday and 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. Actual hours of operation may vary due to holidays, semester breaks, home football games, etc.

When reserving space, it is important to include time for event preparation, decorating, and event breakdown including clean-up. Overtime charges will be assessed to any event which exceeds its allotted time and/or has not been cleaned up by the closing time of Oglesby Union. Please note that an additional fee of three hundred dollars ($300) may be assessed if excessive clean-up is required after the event.

Student Union staff reserves the right to enter any event at any time to ensure compliance with policies and to ensure a safe and successful event.

When to Make Reservations

For events taking place during the fall semester, space reservations may be made no earlier than 8:00 am on the first working Monday of April in the same year. Space reservations for the spring and summer semesters may be made no earlier than 8:00 am on the first working Monday of November in the preceding year.

Per Union Board Policy, certain university events have priority for reservations. These university events include, but are not limited to: Orientation, Preview, Welcome Weeks, Family Weekend, Fee Payment, Exit Interviews (Controller’s Office), Homecoming events, Honors Colloquiums, Board of Trustee’s Meetings, Career Expo, Cap, and Gown Distribution and open dances. Registration for these events may be made one (1) year in advance.

Frequency of Reservations

Due to limited space availability, organizations are limited to no more than three (3) space reservations per week.

Persons Authorized to Request Space Reservations

All Recognized Student Organizations should have their president-designate no more than three (3) officers who will be responsible for requesting space with Campus Event Services. Campus Event Services cross-checks each request with the organization’s roster information on Collegiate Link. If the person requesting space is not an officer of the organization, the space request will not be granted until the president of the organization authorizes the request.

Recognized Student Organizations are strongly encouraged to keep their organization’s information in Collegiate Link current so as to not delay any pending space reservation requests.

Reserving Space Outside of Operating Hours

Guests requesting to reserve space for an event that begins prior to the opening time or extends beyond the closing time of Union facilities will be assessed overtime fees. Such requests must be approved by Campus Event Services administration and be received no later than fourteen (14) days before the event. Overtime fees are charged daily and are equal to one hundred dollars ($100) for the first hour and fifty dollars ($50) each additional hour of the request that falls outside of the established hours of operation for the day.

Space Reassignment

Campus Event Services administration reserves the right to adjust space reservation assignments in order to accommodate as many space requests as possible.

Event Permits

Many requests for events held in Union facilities require special attention and consideration before they can be confirmed. Any request received that requires further review is assigned a status of Pending Requirements. This means that while the space reservation has been made, the event itself is tentative and not yet confirmed.

Guests receiving this status with their reservation request are required to visit the Event Planning website to provide additional information relevant to their event. Guests may also visit the Student Organizations and Involvement office located on the fourth floor of the Thagard Building. If permit(s), insurance certificate(s), contract(s), etc. is/are required for an event, the guest requesting the space reservation is responsible for obtaining all required documentation at least ten (10) days before the event is to take place.

When all permits and other documentation have been properly presented to Student Union personnel, a representative from Student Organizations and Involvement will notify Campus Event Services administration that all event permit requirements have been satisfied. Campus Event Services will then confirm the event and notify the guest of the confirmation. Please note: Guests will not be allowed to host an event in reserved space that has not been properly permitted and confirmed.

Misrepresentation of an Event or Guest

Any misrepresentation of an event or guest will result in the cancellation of the event(s) and/or the loss of reservation privileges in the Student Union, Student Services Building, Askew Student Life Center, and academic spaces at Florida State University. Examples of misrepresentation include, but are not limited to, Recognized Student Organizations requesting space on behalf of non-university entities or non-recognized student organizations, purposefully omitting event details in an effort to circumvent event permitting procedures, and requesting space for an organization of which the requesting party is not a member.

Use of University Property, Furnishings and Equipment and Attendant Responsibility

Groups, organizations, and individuals reserving space or facilities should be aware and make their members or others participating aware of the responsibilities attendant to the reservation of designated space or facilities including responsibility for the proper care of any furnishings and equipment located in or about the designated area:

The group, organization, or individual reserving the space or facility agrees to abide by all laws, rules, regulations, policies, ordinances, etc. pertaining to the use of University property, furnishings, and equipment.

  • Damage: The group, organization, or individual reserving the space or facility is responsible for any damage to the area reserved, including property, furnishings, and/or equipment. If damage should occur, the group, organization, or individual reserving the space or facilities shall be held responsible for costs incurred and the repair or replacement of said damaged property, furnishings, or equipment.
  • Removal: Removal of property, furnishings, or equipment assigned to university facilities is strictly prohibited except in instances where proper removal procedures are followed.
  • Liability: The University disclaims responsibility for any injuries occurring in the use or preparation of reserved space for special events that require the alteration of rooms, set up, or decoration. Injuries or the theft of personal effects occurring in connection with the event shall in no way be the responsibility of the University or its officials.

Use of Union Equipment

In addition to the liability policy outlined in the section above, the usage of audio/visual equipment, furniture, and/or other items cannot be guaranteed and is subject to availability.


Cancellations of reserved space must be received by Campus Event Services no later than two (2) business days prior to the start of the event. The easiest way to cancel an event that was requested through the online reservations portal is to log back in, click Reservations, then View My Requests. From there you can select the reservation you would like to cancel and simply click the red “X” next to it. Alternatively, cancellations may be phoned in to (850) 644-6083, e-mailed to GuestServices@admin.fsu.edu, or communicated in person to Campus Event Services personnel at the information desk on the Student Services Building second floor. Groups that do not properly cancel an event will be charged with a No-Show for that event.


A no-show will be recorded for any guest that fails to show up for a reserved event within one (1) hour of the event start time. Groups charged with three (3) no-shows will lose reservation privileges in Student Union, Student Services Building, Askew Student Life Center, and academic spaces at Florida State University. All outstanding space reservations belonging to the organization will also be canceled.

Exchange of Money

Regardless of organization type (RSO, university-related, etc.); a rental fee will be assessed for all reservations that include any type of monetary exchange (i.e. admission fees, donations, items for sale, auctions, etc.).

Amplification of Sound

Amplification of sound in outdoor spaces is allowed between the hours of 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Sound amplification is also permitted Friday between the hours of 5:00 pm and 11:00 pm, Saturday between the hours of 3:00 pm and 11:00 pm, and Sunday between the hours of 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Please note that sound checks are not permitted before 4:30 pm on Friday. Approval to extend the hours of sound amplification must be granted by the Director of the Student Union or Director of Student Organizations and Involvement. All events featuring an amplification of sound require an Event Permit (EP). See Event Permit section above.

Amplification of sound in indoor spaces is limited to the Union Ballrooms (must reserve all three ballrooms), Moore Auditorium, and Oglesby Union Room 302.  Amplification of sound in indoor spaces is defined as any sound level which exceeds normal tolerances and may disturb or disrupt activities happening nearby. This includes the use of microphones, speakers, musical instruments (acoustic or electric), DJs, etc. Generally speaking, if the sound level exceeds that of someone giving a lecture, it is considered an amplified sound.

Banner Requests

Recognized Student Organizations and University Departments may display banners on the porch of Moore Auditorium at the Student Union according to the following information and procedures:

  • Banners must be the appropriate size and orientation (6'x4' or 8'x4', width x height) and made of appropriate material (vinyl or nylon). Paper, laminated, and cloth banners will not be accepted. Grommets for hanging are also required.
    • Banners must be printed with a landscape orientation. Banners printed with a portrait orientation will hang too low on Moore Porch and can lead to obstruction of the walkway and potential theft or damage to the banner. 
  • Banners must be event-specific with the organization's name clearly visible on the front. The complete name of the organization (no acronyms) must be written with a permanent marker on the backside of the banner in the upper right corner.
  • Organizations may not book more than one banner space at a time. Requests for consecutive weeks are not permitted.
  • Requests to display banners must be received via our online request system.
    • From the Home page, click on "+Create a Reservation" and choose "Request to Display a Banner at Oglesby Union" in the My Reservation Templates menu.
    • HINT: Use the recurrence feature to request multiple days for your banner request. 
    • Due to limited banner space, organizations may not book more than one banner space at a time. Request for consecutive weeks requires approval. Please complete the appropriate field in the "Additional Information" section of the banner request if you require consecutive weeks. 
  • Upon receiving a confirmation from Campus Event Services (delivered to the e-mail address entered into the online request form), the banner itself must be delivered to the Campus Event Services information desk located on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building (where The Den and Traditions Parking Garage are located).
  • Banners must be delivered to Campus Event Services before 9:30 AM the Monday they are to be displayed. 
  • Banners are hung Monday morning at 10:00 AM and will remain up until 4:30 PM the following Thursday.
  • Banners may be picked up at the Campus Event Services desk after 10:00 AM the Friday following the end of the banner reservation. Banners that are not picked up within 30 days following the end of the reservation will be discarded.
  • Campus Event Services, the Student Union, and Florida State University are not responsible for the theft of or damage to any banner.


Guests are permitted to decorate reserved spaces when appropriate. In addition to reserving enough time to decorate, the following guidelines apply:

  • Guests may not tape, nail, or thumbtack any items to floors and walls. Additionally, guests are not permitted to attach items to light fixtures or ceilings.
  • The following items are not be used while decorating Union spaces:
    • Tape (other than masking tape)
    • Nails
    • Thumbtacks
    • Covering any room window(s)
    • Candles or any open flame
    • Incense
    • Fog or smoke machines
    • Fountains or any water machine
    • Balloons (outdoor events only)


All Union facilities are designated as non-smoking. Guests found in violation of this policy will be asked to leave immediately.

Guest Conduct

Guests attending an event held in Union facilities are expected to be respectful and courteous to other guests and staff members of the Union. Excessive noise or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. The Student Union reserves the right to immediately terminate any event deemed to be disruptive or unsafe in any way. Disruptive individuals will be removed from the facility and any outstanding events scheduled by the offending organization may be canceled.

Posting Policy

Please refer to the Florida State University Posting Policy for more information.

Freedom of Speech Policy

Please refer to the Florida State University Freedom of Speech Policy for more information.