What is an event proposal and when do I need submit one?

The event proposal is designed to assist Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) and campus departments with thinking through their overall event plan with the hopes of ensuring safe and successful events on campus.

Once the proposal is submitted, it is reviewed by campus partners including, but not limited to, FSUPD (public safety), Environmental Health & Safety, Medical Response Unit, the Office of Business Services, and event space managers. This process ensures that all stakeholders are informed of the event plan and can provide the RSO/department with support to make the event both safe and successful.

If you are planning an event that will require contracted entertainment or rentals, your proposal needs to be submitted at least 15 business days in advance to ensure appropriate time for the review process. For all other events, proposals should be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of your event.

Why do I need to submit an event proposal?

Did you know that you and FSU can be held legally liable for what happens at your event? We want to help you with the event planning process so that you can limit the liability for yourself, your organization, and FSU. Each event is unique and may have associated risks such as crowd safety and security, the potential for food-borne illness, physical harm or injury, financial risks, etc. The event proposal allows you to work with campus partners who can use their expertise to assist you in limiting event-associated risks.

What events require a fully reviewed event proposal?

If your event includes any of the elements listed below, a reviewed event proposal is required. This is not an exhaustive list, and as such, any event may be reviewed at any time at the discretion of the Campus Event Services staff.

  • Events held outdoors
  • Events where food is served to the general public
  • Events where large crowds are anticipated
  • Events that involve physical activity or a waiver
  • Events involving…
    • amplified sound (like DJs or bands)
    • performers, speakers, or other acts
    • one or more contracts or rentals
    • minors on campus
    • controversial and/or emotionally charged content
    • national, state, or local appointed or elected officials or candidates (not SGA or RSO officers)
  • Fundraisers or events where money is exchanged
  • Events in which media will be on campus
  • Events in which a motion picture is being shown

Who can help me with event planning?

The Campus Event Services team can provide assistance with event planning at all stages of the process. Contact the team at (850) 644-6083 to make an appointment to discuss your event ideas.

How do I request space?

Please visit the Find an Event Space page for information about how to reserve an appropriate space for your event.

What is the university posting policy?

For FSU’s Posting Policy and posting locations, please refer to https://posting.fsu.edu

How can I book at 5k race at FSU

5K races are very popular fundraisers at FSU. Recognized Student Organizations and university departments may book 5K races on campus. Dates can be scheduled by contacting Lt. Gregory Washington with FSUPD at (850)-644-2900 or gwashing@fsu.edu . Dates are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis for eligible groups.

After scheduling a race date, groups must complete an event proposal. It is encouraged that proposals for 5K races be submitted at least a month in advance since many campus departments are involved in staffing and other aspects of a 5K event.

Where can I find information about food permits and having food at my event?

Where can I find waivers?