Puss in Boots: A Wish Come True


Puss in Boots has significantly grown from his small beginnings as a side character introduced during Shrek 2. Now with his own trilogy, we have seen many different iterations of him, but the best by far is in his newest film, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. With an Oscar nomination under its belt, it is hard to disagree with the charisma and star power the film possesses. However, what makes the movie truly impactful is not the vocal performances by the star-studded cast, although that doesn’t hurt, but is instead what is at the core of the film, found family. 

Throughout the movie, we are introduced to various groups of characters. We have Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack Horner, baker and crime lord, and Puss in Boots working with his ex-girlfriend, Kitty Softpaws, and his new friend Perrito. Each of them is attempting to find this shooting star that will grant one wish. When it comes to Goldilocks, the movie flips expectations. Instead of being seen as an intruder by Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear, they take Goldi in as one of their own. Together, they race against the others to get Goldi’s wish granted, but what she doesn’t tell them is that her actual wish is for her biological family.

As the group continues on the journey to the wish, it is easy to see how much the Bears care for Goldi, especially Mama Bear. Every glimpse we see makes it clearer what a betrayal that wish would be until it all boils over and Goldi admits her real desires. It’s immediately clear the sorrow that fills the Bears’ hearts. This storyline really makes the audience feel for them, despite being one of the antagonists, but what makes them a true family is when they decide to help Goldi. It immediately makes Goldilocks and the Three Bears feel more human than pretty much any of the other humans in the film. Even though she betrayed all three of them, they care about her so much that they’d rather see her happy with a new family than sad with them.

Eventually, in the final fight scene between the three groups, Goldi gives up her shot at the wish to save her brother, Baby Bear. This truly solidified the family these four had found in each other, and it created a heartwrenching full-circle moment that had many in the audience tearing up (at least at my showing of the movie).

The true-found family, however, can be found between the ragtag group of Puss, Kitty, and Perrito. When they team up to reach this wishing star together, it is easy to see that tensions are high and trust is not fully there. As the story progresses, we are shown that each character is desperate for something. Kitty wants someone she can trust, Perrito wants a real name and family, and Puss wants more lives because he is on the last of his nine.

With every peril they face comes a crack in the armor that Kitty and Puss have built up. Slowly, they all begin to care about each other. One of the most poignant moments is when Perrito becomes the therapy dog he always thought he should be by comforting Puss through his panic attack, eventually helping him back to normalcy. Despite every joke aimed Perrito’s way by Puss, he finally understands that he needs other beings to be happy, not more lives. This turning point resonates so deeply with the audience because everyone wants to feel self-sufficient and not need other people. Puss comes to understand that one is not meant to live life alone, but rather life is meant to be shared with other animals. We all need someone to rely on in our time of need.

   In the end, each of them realizes how important their newfound family is, giving up their chances at the wish to take down Jack Horner. They finally grasp the fact that each of them is able to supply exactly what the others need in such a way that can only be done by animals you consider family. Puss gives Kitty someone she can finally trust, Perrito gives Puss the support he needs, Kitty and Puss give Perrito a name to call his own, and, most importantly, they give each other a real family to live out their lives with.


Writer: Olivia Madrid

Artist: Alyssa Giaccone