Alyssa Giaccone

Air is a Slam Dunk

””Starring Matt Damon and Viola Davis, Air is a triumph in the biographical film genre. The film tells the story of Sonny Vaccaro (Damon), a Nike executive trying to build up the struggling basketball division. He quickly sets his sights on Michael Jordan but knows that he has an uphill battle to even get a meeting with the rookie. Between going against his boss's wishes and the many arguments with Jordan’s agent, it feels like the deal is nearly impossible. While everyone knows how the story ends, the movie is able to build great tension and gives its audiences insight into what went down.

Was There Room For Two?

””25 years ago, Titanic sailed into theaters smashing records. The film made history as it remained the highest-grossing movie of all time for over a decade until Avatar was released. The film remains in the fan’s hearts, but the frustration of Jack Dawson’s death remains.” Move over, Rose!” we have all yelled at the screen at least once, but could two have fit on the piece of wood?

Puss in Boots: A Wish Come True

””Puss in Boots has significantly grown from his small beginnings as a side character introduced during Shrek 2. Now with his own trilogy, we have seen many different iterations of him, but the best by far is in his newest film, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. With an Oscar nomination under its belt, it is hard to disagree with the charisma and star power the film possesses. However, what makes the movie truly impactful is not the vocal performances by the star-studded cast, although that doesn’t hurt, but is instead what is at the core of the film, found family. 

What does it take to be considered a Christmas Movie?

””Ah, December. The one month a year where there’s nothing better than putting on your fuzziest socks and grabbing a steaming cup of hot chocolate to settle in on the couch for a classic Christmas movie. As you are guzzling down that sweet hot chocolate, the warm fuzzies seep all throughout your body as you sink into the couch, and your friend clicks the remote to start the movie. You think, ‘surely a classic Christmas film will revolve around a child learning “the true meaning of Christmas” or a scrooge meeting ghosts of various eras in time.’ But you’re wrong. This classic Christmas movie suddenly thrusts you into a plot that revolves around Bruce Willis fighting off terrorists who’ve hijacked a Los Angeles skyscraper. What classic Christmas movie is this? Well, it’s Die Hard, of course! Happy Holidays. Oh, you don’t think Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Well, what do you think makes something a Christmas movie?

Halloween Horror Nights 2022: A Cowardly Review

””Despite being an Orlando native, this year was the first time I attended Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Many are familiar with the elaborate haunted houses and scare zones that run throughout the nights of October annually. This year, there were ten haunted houses with a variety of scary yet exciting themes. My most anticipated house was The Weeknd’s After Hours Nightmare, based on the storyline of his red suit character from his eponymous album. Unfortunately, not even my love for The Weeknd could prevent the trauma I experienced. From long lines to werewolves jumping out of the darkness, my time at Halloween Horror Nights showed me that I am easy to frighten and am not, in fact, “good with scary stuff.”

American Werewolf in Paris: The Alternate Script of American Werewolf in London

””David Kessler rampages down the streets in Piccadilly Circus, London, as a frightening werewolf. What if it was Paris, France, instead? Great Britain was very desperate to take credit for successful movies, but it started to cause implications with filming.

The Emperor’s New Groove Hasn’t Lost its Groove

””Do you ever sit down to watch a classic Disney movie you loved as a child only to find out it is not nearly as great as you remembered? Do the jokes no longer hit now that you’re above the age of thirteen? Do the life lessons now seem like common sense to you? Luckily, you will experience none of those kinds of feelings or somewhat upsetting sensations if you choose to rewatch Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove.