Maria Assimakopoulos


Are you ready to relive your childhood? Or continue your hobby as an adult? The ASLC has the perfect event coming up. One word: Legos. Who doesn’t love Legos? The silly and whimsical, hard rectangular blocks that many of us can remember fondly from our childhood. I can’t think of anything better than a party dedicated to this toy. Get ready and mark your calendar for September 9th from 4 PM to 6:30 PM for one of the best days of your college career. And don’t be shy because all are welcome to this event!

Greek Myths Live On

””Ancient Greece started thousands of years ago. Being one of the first advanced civilizations, not only is its lore rich and diverse, but much of the modern-day also has roots in Greece or Greek traditions. One of these similarities is through the ever-growing media landscape. The influence of Greek mythology on contemporary media has been profound. There are many examples of media that are directly associated with Greek mythology or make reference to it. I am Greek- American and I grew up listening to old Greek folk tales and myths. It was very exciting for me as a child, as well as now, to see that Greek myths are greatly represented in media. You might wonder why they have stuck around so long. Well, the power they hold has meaning for many people. The values, ethics, and morals they pass down through storytelling are something many cultures have in common.

2040: The Earth Has A Chance

””There is no more time for denying. Climate change is real and people around the world have already been feeling the consequences due to the inaction by those in charge. Evidence to support climate change is given in an abundance of ways, one being documentaries, like 2040, by Damon Gameau.  Even if there was a lack of confirmed peer-reviewed scientific evidence, would you not rather veer on the side of caution?

Exposed in Your Living Room


Content Warning: Potentially Triggering Topics

Euphoria is a popular HBO American TV show that first aired June 16, 2019. The show follows a high school girl, Rue (played by Zendaya), who just got out of the hospital due to her drug addiction. For the most part, Rue interestingly narrates the show. The main focus is her addiction and how she fights to prove to everyone, especially her mother, that she is sober now, when she is really not. This gets her and the other characters of the show into a range of different problems. However, as they work through these problems, all the characters experience individual growth.