Tár: Despicable, Admirable, Layered

Tár has had the internet in a frenzy since its release a little over three months ago. The
minutiae of the film leave much to be dissected, which has led to a deep division in viewers'
opinions. Nevertheless, I found it to be an entertaining tale of ultimate defeat that is shot and
acted in a way that makes it feel almost like a documentary. Despite the excellence of
cinematographic techniques, the film is not without its detriments; Ultimately, it is a triumph for
the lead actress Cate Blanchett, but it makes certain questionable choices that detract from
potential perfection.

Why was Jessica Rabbit Drawn that Way?

“I am not bad, I'm just drawn that way,” Jessica Rabbit seductively says. Ironically, she wasn’t always supposed to have her famous figure; instead, she looked more like your average princess. The change to her appearance came when Jessica’s voice actress, Kathleen Turner, saw the design and realized the character was “pretty, not sexy.” She started to tease the animators about adding her long legs to the character and said, “wouldn’t it be funny to have big you-know-what’s on her?” 

From Distributing to Dominating: The Rise of A24

As the theater lights dim and opening credits begin, a simple black and white logo appear on the screen. Cutting across the dark screen are a few simple lines, gracefully darting and intersecting with each other before forming the name: A24. On the surface, it’s just one letter and two numbers. But as most movie fans have come to realize, this simplistic intro could very well precede their next favorite film.