• Club Downunder


The history of Union Productions began in the mid-60’s with the creation of the first student run programming board at Florida State University, named the Union Program Council (UPC). The board changed its name to the Leisure Programs Office (LPO) in 1970, and again changed its name to the Union Program Office (UPO) in 1979. Finally, the organization changed its name to Student Campus Entertainment (SCE) in 1983 and remained that way until 2005. Since its founding in the mid-60’s, the various iterations of Union Productions have been responsible for planning PowWow, organizing the films series in Moore Auditorium, holding major concerts at the Moon and Civic Center, and operating Club Downunder.

Union Productions and Club Downunder were finally merged in the fall of 2005, to create the organization we are today. Now merged, after long histories, we are a combined programming board responsible for all special events and concerts planned by the Oglesby Union.