In the mid-’60s the first student run programming board at FSU was created, the Union Program Council (UPC). Around 1970 the board changed its name to the Leisure Programs Office (LPO), and the name changed again in 1979 to the Union Program Office (UPO). Finally, in 1983, the organization changed its name to Student Campus Entertainment (SCE) and remained that way until 2005. Over the years the organization has been responsible for planning PowWow, the films series (in Moore Auditorium), major concerts in The Moon and Civic Center, operation of the Club Downunder, late night programming initiatives, and many different special events.

As the organization has grown and as new facilities on campus were created, a few of those responsibilities changed (i.e., the Student Life Building programming the film series in it’s state-of-the-art theater in 2000, the Club Downunder becoming it’s own entity to plan club concerts in 2001, and PowWow becoming its own organization as well in 1999). In the fall of 2005, the Club Downunder programming board and SCE were joined together once again to form Union Productions, one programming board responsible for all special events and concerts planned by the FSU Student Union.