Club Downunder/Union Productions (CDU/UP) is a student-run organization that often co-sponsors events with FSU student organizations, agencies, and academic departments. We are happy to partner with your organization and provide assistance with event planning, staffing, production, and more. Our co-sponsorship coordinator approves co-sponsored events, so if you have an event idea you'd like to discuss more with us, please fill out the co-sponsorship form on Nole Central. The form is under forms and it's titled, "Union Productions Co-Sponsorship Event Request Form". You have to be signed in to Nole Central to access it!

CDU/UP reserves the right to turn down co-sponsorship requests. We strive for inclusive and unique events for all students, and potential co-sponsored events are evaluated in the same manner as any other event we put on. In order to be approved for a co-sponsored event, a Registered Student Organization (RSO), or a Student Government Association (SGA) agency must follow these guidelines:

  • An RSO representative must meet with the co-sponsorships coordinator within two weeks of the submitted request to go over the details of the proposed event.
  • The co-sponsorships coordinator will present the request to the programming director for approval and after discussion of the event it will either be approved or denied.
  • The RSO must follow all guidelines set by the co-sponsorships coordinator, as well as any guidelines set by the venue manager on the night-of.

Your event is more likely to be approved by the co-sponsorships coordinator if:

We also have a large calendar of events that your organization can co-sponsor to help us get the word out to more students. If there is an existing event that you are interested in co-sponsoring, you may contact the co-sponsorships coordinator for more details.

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If you have any further questions about co-sponsorship opportunities, please email