Event Planning

Hours & Contacts

Welcome to the Event Planning website. We’re here to help you through all the steps of planning a successful event on campus. Information located throughout this website will provide you resources on how to plan an event and address event risk management.

The Event Permitting (EP) process was created to assist student organizations with event planning, with the hopes to ensure safe and successful events on campus. Once the permit request is submitted, it is sent out to various campus departments for review (i.e. Guest Services, Athletics, FSUPD, Environmental Health and Safety, etc.). The permitting process ensures that all stakeholders in the event are informed about the event and can provide the organization/department with the adequate support to make the event both safe and successful. This does not apply to weekly business meetings unless food is being served.

Have questions about event planning? Feel free to schedule a meeting with our Event Planning staff; we’re here to help you. Contact our office for an event consultation by calling 644-6454 or emailing Dorsey Spencer at dspencer2@fsu.edu.