Yenesis Sotomayor

Book or Movie? Who did it better?

”” Remakes, live actions, and book adaptations seem to be the only current renditions of originality circulating within the film industry. Arguably, book adaptations are the most regurgitated platform of resources, making it less respectable to book lovers like I. Whether the film should adhere to the needs of book fanatics seeking verbatims or enter a new realm of novel-based ideas seems to be the question at hand. Childhood films like the Harry Potter series and The Chronicles of Narnia franchise hold influential stances on bibliophiles and the alike, which tend to cloud the current perception of book adaptations. Mind my saying, but they merely prance around the denotation without much-needed refinement. Some films that attempt both ends of audience demands but miss the mark by a single hair are American Psycho, Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightly version, obviously), and The Shining.

Slut-tification of Halloween Costumes

Pondering ideas for the ASLC Halloween costume contest? Look no further. As a rather indecisive individual, choosing a costume for Halloween can be puzzling or even stress-inducing, but thankfully, you can look to films as source material. Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods set the standard quite high with a masterful depiction of a hot pink Playboy bunny. A most certainly classic feminine Halloween costume choice. Films such as Mean Girls followed suit in their conquest of the male likeness through their Halloween costumes. 

Beca Mitchel is Hardly Pitch Perfect: Here's Why

Pitch Perfect’s very own Beca Mitchel is most certainly a highly regarded character. False. You cannot see it, but I am rolling my eyes at the mention of her name. Embodying the essence of a rebel, Beca learns to slowly adjust her stereotypical lenses and view college in a positive light, due to…drum roll please…the Barden Bellas. She is one of the many female acapella-ists who band together in a disgruntled form of sisterhood. It is because of both Beca and the Barden Bellas’ mutual collaboration and gradual acceptance of one another that each was able to metamorphose into the vessels of their fullest potential. But what if Beca never joined the Barden Bellas? Who would Beca be then?

Justifying Guts and Gore in Akira

””Warning: Spoilers for the film’s conclusion ahead!

Commonly misconstrued as a genre, the fast-growing animation style of anime has affected both the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Its vast viewer demographics, ranging from youth to adults, have allowed both anime and its manga origins to flourish in recent decades. One film deemed an anime staple, the renowned cult classic, Akira, directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, has continued to captivate the population since its debut in 1988. The film’s appraisal clings to its hyperfixation on futuristic perceptions of existentialism and the excessive presence of violence. To some, the bloody action, which serves as a factor for the R rating, may be a put off, but its presence is what helped determine Akira as the “it” anime movie for decades to come.

My Favorite Oscar Nominees

””Amidst the vast award ceremonies held each year, the Academy Awards reigns above them all. It notoriously highlights brilliant actoral direction, original scores and each aspect of the directorial artistic vision. I was first introduced to the cinematic celebratory phenomenon when I was about twelve. Prior to the Oscars itself, my mother would put on the red-carpet exclusive interviews on the television. Together we would gawk at all the beautiful women in their triple dollar priced gowns, creating imaginary personal connections with each and every celebrity that attended. I remember vividly gasping in bewilderment at the men’s lack of style, of course with the exception of Christian Bale, Jared Leto and maybe Brad Pitt. I would always blush in perplexion at all the grown-up jokes that never actually matured into comicality as I grew to understand. It is safe to say I think of the Oscars rather fondly.

Music in Movies? … Portrait of a Lady on Fire Says No

””Musical composition has reigned as one of the most defining qualities in films since sound made its debut, but its absence may be just as impactful. Everyone is familiar with films like Jaws, The Pink Panther, or the Star Wars franchise, unquestionably due to their original musical scores, as well as their plots. Céline Sciamma’s 2019 film, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, not only coexists with these movies with a devoid musical framework (at least until the end), but arguably ranks amongst or even above them.
(Spoilers Ahead)