Slut-tification of Halloween Costumes


Pondering ideas for the ASLC Halloween costume contest? Look no further. As a rather indecisive individual, choosing a costume for Halloween can be puzzling or even stress-inducing, but thankfully, you can look to films as source material. Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods set the standard quite high with a masterful depiction of a hot pink Playboy bunny. A most certainly classic feminine Halloween costume choice. Films such as Mean Girls followed suit in their conquest of the male likeness through their Halloween costumes. 


“In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it.” This conscientious apprehension set a precedent for both women and the film community, in terms of expression for the current generations. While some women may view Halloween as a means to sexual magnetism, the traditions associated with the religiously rooted holiday illustrate a different, sadly, conservative picture. Likewise, films have gradually evolved with society’s acknowledgment and request for more provocativeness.  


It should be noted Halloween itself dates back centuries, while these sexual undertones we’ve grown acc-costumed to are relatively new. With a slight historical stance, Halloween served as an illusive tribunal practice of the saints, but as the years passed, its intentions muddled into other religious territories. The attire evolved to replicate the disfigured and grotesque evil spirits that some sought to commemorate and others avoid ( Red Riding Hood (2011) pays homage to the Celtic pagan holiday’s origins in a brief scene of ominous bonfires, masked civilians, and culturally designed dances while successfully squeezing in sex appeal, which was not difficult in the slightest with Amanda Seyfried on the cast. A red cloak did little to cover Hollywood’s notorious objectifying ploy. 


Trick ‘r treat (2007) served as the predecessor, with almost identical tactics for a rustic but demonic Halloween celebration; although, it is revved to the tenth degree with the female characters who will partake in the festivity trying on Disney princess costumes that are too tight with the sole purpose of using this heightened sensuality on their prey. The Addams Family contains a variety of salacious material, as well. Despite Wednesday Addams being portrayed as a child in the film, it is Christiana Ricci’s reputation in other scandalous films that possibly lures in a more lewd perception of her character. Nonetheless, a collared black dress and pigtails have most certainly made their rounds as a prominent costume option for teenage girls, myself included. It is an easy and cost-effective costume, to say the least. If couple costuming is a determinant for the costume contest, Morticia and Gomez Addams also meet the requirements with suitable remnants for a tantalizing version. 


Temporarily disassociating from the sexily modified holiday, spooky costumes always seem to remain in fashion, especially for those horror aficionados. Donnie Darko, a film with an arguably insensitive wait for the Halloween bash contains one of the most creative yet utterly terrifying costume designs the 2000s ever mustered. The costume in question is a complete fur suit of a demonic bunny rabbit with a fixed grin. Although the film depicts the costume as homemade, it might be best to select your methods of obtainment as Amazon. The instant horror classic Hereditary (2018) can prove an immense fecundity of Halloween costumes with Peter Graham at the center. The scene in which his character bandages his bloody nose whilst wearing the crown emulates such simplicity. Fake blood comes surprisingly cheap. While using horror films as inspiration, risqué alterations can still be made. Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) originally symbolized fear at its finest, but since its debut, its costume design has morphed from plastic knife fingers for children to a skimpy wardrobe to meet popular demands. An oversized red sweater conveniently unraveling at the cleavage, fishnets, etc is still only one variation of the dream walker, according to Mister untrustworthy, Spirit Halloween.  


Although films amicably offer up their interpretations of female exploitation to the subconsciouses of their audiences, it is we who offer a consensus on whether they are even worth indulging. Costumes such as Legally Blonde’s Playboy bunny, Karen’s lingerie mouse from Mean Girls, red riding hood, and Disney princesses make more than a satisfactory basis for a spicy interpretation. Donnie Darko’s demonic bunny rabbit of premonition, Peter Graham, and Freddy Krueger can remain in their spooky origins or diverge to electrify new meaning in the progression of female expression. You can stay true to the film source or be subjected to society’s impending inclusivity of the skanky demographics. Allow these suggestions to ease the decision period for your Halloween costume contest journey. Just make sure to utilize a plethora of interpretations to deliver a Halloween costume that’s bound to win. Best of luck!


Writer: Yenesis Sotomayor

Artist: Isabella Limbo