Halloween Horror Nights 2022: A Cowardly Review

””Despite being an Orlando native, this year was the first time I attended Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Many are familiar with the elaborate haunted houses and scare zones that run throughout the nights of October annually. This year, there were ten haunted houses with a variety of scary yet exciting themes. My most anticipated house was The Weeknd’s After Hours Nightmare, based on the storyline of his red suit character from his eponymous album. Unfortunately, not even my love for The Weeknd could prevent the trauma I experienced. From long lines to werewolves jumping out of the darkness, my time at Halloween Horror Nights showed me that I am easy to frighten and am not, in fact, “good with scary stuff.”

Let’s Face It: Paranorman Set The Bar For Laika Studios, And Here’s How

As most children’s Halloween movies go, Paranorman’s plot centers around a witch’s
curse on a small town. And, of course, a kind of weird, recluse, pre-teen boy. Norman, ironically, does not have a very normal gift for boys his age. Instead of being a child prodigy or a baseball hotshot, Norman can see the dead. And due to a 200-something-year-old curse that an old witch placed on his town, these ‘dead’ people don’t stay ‘dead’ for very long.

Slut-tification of Halloween Costumes

Pondering ideas for the ASLC Halloween costume contest? Look no further. As a rather indecisive individual, choosing a costume for Halloween can be puzzling or even stress-inducing, but thankfully, you can look to films as source material. Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods set the standard quite high with a masterful depiction of a hot pink Playboy bunny. A most certainly classic feminine Halloween costume choice. Films such as Mean Girls followed suit in their conquest of the male likeness through their Halloween costumes.